Hollyoaks Spoilers: Frazer Black’s secret daughter is revealed to be…. Clare Devine & a new McQueen to be introduced in Hollyoaks Later!

by Anna Howell


As we reported yesterday in part of the new Hollyoaks autumn trailer, Frazer Black could be seen introducing a mystery blonde as his daughter, with Jim McGinn looking horrified, and now we know why, its Clare Devine!

Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix) was last seen on our Hollyoaks screens fleeing the village after kidnapping Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her husband Paul Browning (Joseph Thompson), as well as attempting to attack Tom Cunningham.

But she is due to reappear on our screens about to break out of prison, though the details of why she is there, or how she escapes are being kept as closely guarded secrets.

One thing that has been revealed, is that her father is new gangster on the block Frazer Black (Jesse Birdsall), who is the man holding all the strings over henchmen Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) and Jim McGinn (Dan Tetsell), and it is these henchmen who are drafted in to aid the prison break, the Daily Star reports.

A show insider told the paper:

“Exactly what has Clare been doing since we last saw her?

“The fact she’s in prison suggests she’s been up to her old tricks.”


“And now we know she’s the daughter of the local mobster, her devious antics make sense.

“At some point she’s going to strut back into Chester and it’s going to be like a bomb going off – the locals won’t know what’s hit them.”

Meanwhile it has also been revealed that a new McQueen has been cast and will be introduced to fans during this autumn’s Hollyoaks Later.

Bryan Perry will play Louis McQueen who will be part of a Later storyline with Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter), his cousin.


Louis is reported by Digital Spy as being a trainee soldier under the command of Corporal Taylor Wells, who Theresa goes to visit in hope of catching herself an action man boyfriend, but the pair end up getting into a fair bit of trouble as well embarking on a “wild road trip”.

Hollyoaks Later returns to E4 on Monday, October 7 – Watch the trailer for it, and the rest of the season in Hollyoaks, in the clip below: