Hollyoaks Spoilers: Mercedes to be murdered? And who is trapped in council flats whilst they are demolished?

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks wrecking ball 2

hollyoaks wrecking ball 2

What better way to welcome in the New Year in Hollyoaks than a huge stunt involving a wrecking ball?

Hollyoaks has always been the soap to keep raising the bar in soap land where stunts are concerned, and it looks like the next one is no exception as a vengeful Grace Black (Tamara Wall) sets about holding someone that Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) holds dear in the derelict council flats whilst they are being demolished.

The situation arises after Freddie refuses to murder Mercedes McQueen, an order issued by Grace who still believes that Mercy is the person who killed her sister, Clare.

Furious at being disobeyed, Grace tells Freddie that she has locked someone that he loves inside the derelict council flats that were blown apart during the epic home-made bomb explosion earlier this year.

Refusing to reveal exactly who it is in the flats, Grace instructs Freddie to carry out the order to kill Mercedes in order to have the hostage released before the wrecking ball arrives (why she wouldn’t just put Mercy in the flats and cut out the middle man, we can’t quite work out).

Worried for the person, who is almost certainly going to be either Sinead (Stephanie Davis) or Lindsey (Sophie Austin), Freddie is forced to actually start considering doing as Grace says.

Producers are keeping very tight-lipped about whether Freddie does indeed kill Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) but as our spoiler pictures show, the demolition does indeed go ahead – the question remains is anyone still inside?

hollyoaks wrecking ball 4 hollyoaks wrecking ball 5 hollyoaks wrecking ball 3 hollyoaks wrecking ball 1

A Hollyoaks insider told Digital Spy: “It’s going to be a race against time for Freddie to save the mystery character, but will he kill Mercedes to get the information he needs from Grace? And once Grace tells him everything, will his efforts be too late?”

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