Hollyoaks Spoilers: Gemma Bissix says of Clare DeVine return “Mercedes should watch out, and be very afraid!” (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell

As we reported last month, Gemma Bissix is set to return to our Hollyoaks screens at the end of this month to reprise her role as the evil-genius Clare DeVine and Unreality TV have had the pleasure of catching up with Gemma to find out what we can expect from her characters latest return.

Gemma Bissix first left the soap in 2007 after her character Clare was pushed off loft balcony. After being presumed dead for almost two years, she briefly returned in 2009 when she tried to get revenge on enemies Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and Justin Burton (Chris Fountain), leading to her arrest for Warren’s murder.

Clare remains one of the most scheming villains in the hit Channel 4 soap’s history, and throughout her catalogue of con’s, Hollyoaks fans have also seen Clare marry Max Cunningham to get her hands on his money after which she made several, unsuccessful attempts to kill him, amongst many other crimes.

But like a bad penny, Clare keeps coming back and so it is with much-anticipation we wait with bated-breath to find out what the evil Clare DeVine has in store for the residents of Hollyoaks this time around.

It has been confirmed so far that Clare’s welcome home storyline will see her try and get between super-evil couple, Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her new fiancée, murderer Paul Browning (Joseph Thompson), after running into them in Las Vegas, though details of the storyline are still being kept under wraps at this time.

We asked Gemma Bissix, who plays Clare, what the background story is between her, Dr Browning and Mercedes that has been playing off-screen, and how it brings Clare back to the village?

“It is all about money with Clare DeVine. She meets Dr Browning and Mercedes in Las Vegas where she sees Paul flashing the cash everywhere, and decides she wants a part of that money, and the security it would bring, so that is what brings her back to the village. It is very exciting, and I am really, really enjoying being back.”

As far as evil-genius’s go, we can’t help but think that Clare might have met her match in fellow alpha-female Mercedes, if the storyline sees her go up against her, but as Gemma explained, no one should underestimate Clare DeVine:

“I definitely think they are good match for each other, but by Mercedes completely underestimates Clare she knows that she has a pretty nasty streak and thinks she can match her when in actual fact Clare is a complete psycho, so I think that Mercedes should watch out, and be very afraid!”

As fans are well aware, Dr Browning is as evil as Clare and Mercedes put together, so we wanted to know how he fitted in to Clare’s plans, and how she planned to come between him and Mercedes:

“I don’t think Clare knows what Dr Browning is like, and I think it will take her a little while to learn that. She will definitely find a match with him, they are just as bad as each other so there’s lots of twists and turns in store – I don’t give too much away but I can say is it’s definitely not going to be pretty.”

So, what can we expect from Clare’s return?

“I really can’t say too much the moment, obviously the main storyline is involving Mercedes and Dr Browning but the rest you will just have to wait and see really. I can tell you that I am only back briefly this time, however I will be back later in the year for a longer stint as Clare, so who knows – it definitely isn’t the end for her! This may be a short teaser, but she will be back later in the year with a lot more bad things in store.”

Clare is not the sort of person to let a good grudge go, so we wanted to know what vendettas Gemma hopes will be packed in her designer luggage, and who else’s lives she would like Clare to ruin:

“I’d like to see her do something with Max’s sister Cindy (Cunningham, played by Stephanie Waring). I think it would be quite nice for them to meet up, and maybe even make friends. Obviously until Cindy finds out what Clare did, then that would result in a big showdown I think.”

Clare Devine has always been a much-loved character, despite her villainous ways, and fans response to Gemma’s return has been phenomenal, and full of excitement. We wanted to know if Gemma would like for her character to change, or if she thought that was even possible:

“No, I don’t think she could ever change, I don’t think it’s at all possible for her to be redeemed or anything like that, but I would like to see a back story into what has made her the way she is, I think that would be pretty interesting.”

Every relationship that Clare has ever really been involved in has had an ulterior motive somewhere along the line; we wanted to know if Gemma thinks she would ever be able to find real love:

“It would have to be someone who actually matched her, someone who is quite messed up himself, that is the thing. She needs someone to match her, I don’t think love is an option, she just doesn’t have that quality in her I think.”

So perhaps someone like Dr Browning…

“Perhaps, but then I think that the more time they spend together will result in more games played against each other, and that has the potential to get really dangerous!”

Finally, we asked Gemma to sum up Clare’s return:

“Expect bad things, a lot of bad things as well as a lot drama and excitement!”

Clare’s return scenes are due to be aired at the end of this week, watch a clip from her last return to Hollyoaks below: