Hollyoaks Spoilers: Grace’s hostage revealed as JOE, but will Freddie kill Mercedes? (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks joe roscoe wb 1

hollyoaks joe roscoe wb 1

So tonight’s Hollyoaks stages the first big stunt of the year as the clock is ticking for Freddie Roscoe to either kill Mercedes, or find out who Grace Black has held hostage in time to free them – But which is it?

The answer is neither, but much more spectacularly than you could imagine.

Having been told by Grace (Tamara Wall) at his wedding to Sinead (Stephanie Davis) that someone he loves will die unless he carries out the murder of Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe), the race is on for Freddie to work out who Grace has got, and where.

Having located both Sinead and Lindsey (Sophie Austin), Freddie (Charlie Clapham) is horrified to work out that the person actually being held hostage by his step-sister, is his big brother Joe (Aydan Callaghan).

Desperate, Freddie decides that killing Mercy is the only option, and having pretended to be Lindsey and set up a meeting with her by text, he steals a car and heads off to mow her down in it, just like Grace believes Mercedes did to her sister Clare.

In the meantime Jim McGinn (Dan Tetsell) has realised that Mercy has sneaked out and gone looking for her, only to reach her at the very point in time that Freddie decides he can’t go through with the murder and swerves the car, hitting Jim instead.

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen freddie roscoe 1 hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen 2 hollyoaks freddie roscoe 1 hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen freddie roscoe 2

Managing to get away from the scene, Freddie tracks down Grace and demand to know where Joe is, and what she has done to him, to which she replies that she has shot him.

Facing an impossible situation Freddie is actually relieved when Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) steps out from the shadows having heard everything, and demands that Grace tells them where Joe is.

She tells them he is being held in the council flats left gutted by last year’s explosion, and so the race is on to get to him in time as it just so happens that tonight is the night when the wrecking ball comes to demolish the building – But will Joe be inside?

Back at the derelict building and Joe has come round and discovered that he is handcuffed to a radiator which, after a struggle and a panic, he manages to release himself from.

That’s when the wrecking ball starts wrecking…

hollyoaks joe roscoe wb6 hollyoaks joe roscoe wb7 hollyoaks joe roscoe wb5 hollyoaks joe roscoe wb4 hollyoaks joe roscoe wb3 hollyoaks joe roscoe wb2

It is a race against time for Joe to get out of the building while there is still a building to get out of, but when he finally gets to the exit he finds it boarded up,

He starts trying to break it down, but to what appears no avail as viewers final scene of the door from the outside is just the door with the ball on its way back in, whilst Fraser and Freddie, who have found out what is going on, try and get to the rubble in time to stop the workers. But when they get there it is too late, the building is completely destroyed – The question is did Joe get out?

hollyoaks wrecking ball 4 hollyoaks wrecking ball 5 hollyoaks wrecking ball 2 hollyoaks wrecking ball 1

So, there we have it, Freddie didn’t kill Mercedes (girl has 99 lives), but has possibly killed Jim (no more was mentioned about him, and as there is a new Valentine in the village, his McQueen fixing days may well have been numbered anyway), and Joe may well be dead too – But this is Hollyoaks, so we simply won’t find out till tomorrow (or tonight on E4 if you simply can’t wait that long!)

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