Hollyoaks Spoilers: Greg Wood says Mercedes Trevor holds all the cards over Mercedes (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)!

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen trevor royle 1

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen trevor royle 1

Christmas promises to be a real cracker in Hollyoaks this year, with weddings, kidnaps and guns pointed at heads, and one of the main players in the festive line-up has been revealing to us what we can expect.

Trevor (Greg Wood) makes his mark twice over the Christmas period in Hollyoaks, the main one being the hostage situation with Grace, but he is also involved in Ruby Button’s drug storyline too.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know, Ruby (Anna Shaffer) turned to Trevor at the end of last week after thinking that her boyfriend, Ziggy (Fabrizio Santino) was cheating on her again.

Lost in a moment of despair, Ruby did something totally out of character by asking the club dealer to try his drugs in a storyline that is set to spiral for the troubled teenager, as Greg Wood has been explaining exclusively to us:

“That is the moment which kind of kicks off Ruby’s story.  It’s Christmas time and she has been left in the club on her own, she has been drinking on her own in this dark situation when she bumps into Trevor in the toilets and he kind of says ‘give it ago’”.

hollyoaks grace black 2 hollyoaks grace black 1

The second situation arises when Grace (Tamara Wall) is kidnapped by a rival gangster who then demands a ransom from Trevor’s boss, Fraser (Jesse Birdsall), which leads Trevor to pull a gun on Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) as Greg has been explaining to us:

“The storyline with Mercedes is a plan that has been hatched because she is expecting some life insurance money from Browning’s death, which Trevor gets wind of.  She asks Trevor for help, which he does but in return he wants a cut of this insurance money, but then Trevor finds out that the amount she is getting is a lot more than she originally said.

“The original plan was to try and procure the money out of Mercedes in a nice way, in a con man kind of way, he was going to try and get with her to get the money out of her that way.  But then things change when a drug deal goes wrong and Fraser’s nemesis, Ray, has Grace kidnapped.  So the stakes are upped and they need to find the ransom money, and they need to find it quick.”

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen trevor royle cindy cunningham

“So the plan is changed from getting the money the nice way to having to go about it more forcibly.

“Trevor finds out that Mercedes has gone to a spa with Cindy and he follows her there.  Trevor holds the cards, he is prepared, he has the leather gloves on – I can’t tell you much more, but he definitely has the cards and Mercedes is in a rather precarious position because what Trevor wants, he generally gets.

On the future for Trevor and Grace, Wood continued:

“Now Grace is here you will start to see a different side to Trevor and I think we will see certain issues being explored now about Trevor.  Don’t get me wrong, he is still a nasty piece of work, but there are reasons why he is the way he is but at the end of the day you will start to see a vulnerability with him, especially now Grace is here, she is his weakness I think but I suppose in a good way.”

hollyoaks trevor royle grace black 2

“But as far as happy endings go (laughs) I don’t think we are going to see them walk off in to the sunset (laughs again), but you do see a lighter side to him, and she has definitely brought that out.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch the cast’s Christmas jingle in the clip below:

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