Hollyoaks Spoilers: Guess who Will Savage’s (James Atherton) new carer is! His Mum, Anna Savage!

Now we have to say this one nearly slipped past us, but there was just something a little odd about Will’s new carer in Hollyoaks that made us investigate, and you won’t believe what we found out!

Will Savage’s (James Atherton) new carer is none other than his long-lost mum!

As we reported earlier this year bosses at the hit Channel 4 soap had revealed that former Peak Practice actress, Saskia Wickham, had been cast to play the absent mother of the Savage and Blake children, but it was not revealed how the character would be introduced.

Fans of Hollyoaks will know how Savage siblings, Dodger, Will and Liberty arrived in the village motherless, with tales of abandonment and despair conquered by family unity and hope after their mother, Anna, left them.

However, their boat was quite literally shaken when, after being kept in the dark his entire life, Dodger (Danny Mac) discovered that Dirk Savage (David Kennedy) was not in fact his real father.

Dodger went on the search for his real paternity but got more than he bargained for when he not only discovered his father, Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) but also a twin sister, Sienna (Anna Passey), that he never knew he had.

Now the Savage’s and the Blake’s have come together to live side by side in peaceful harmony, what better way to bring them crashing back down to earth than a visit from mummy-dearest?

Well, that’s exactly what is about to happen!

According to a report in the Daily Star newspaper last month, Anna is set to turn up in the village armed with a sob story of how she was forced to leave Patrick when he turned abusive against her, taking Dodger with her, but leaving his twin, Sienna behind.

Of course Patrick, the new headmaster at the Hollyoaks sixth-form, denies these accusations, and let’s face it even if it turns out to be true, it doesn’t explain her abandoning Dirk, Liberty, Will and Dodger later on.

An insider told the Daily Star Sunday: “Anna has a lot of questions to answer. Her children are going to struggle with her reasons for leaving.”

However, before all the drama unfolds it seems that Anna is testing the waters whilst posing as Will’s carer going by the fake name of Ellie.

Will seems to have really taken to Ellie since hiring her last week to look after him now that he is wheelchairbound, and it seems that they are more alike than we could imagine as we have witnessed that same evil twinkle in both their eyes – could she be where he gets his dark side from?

Watch an interview with Danny Mac and James Atherton who play Dodger and Will Savage in the clip below:

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