Hollyoaks Spoilers: Has Browning killed Myra AND Mercedes McQueen? Find out here!

by Anna Howell


Ok so this week in Hollyoaks has been pretty intense, with more cliff hangers than the coast of Dover, but a happy ending may not be entirely off the cards!

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how so far we have witnessed Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane) and Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) in life-threatening danger at the hands of evil Dr browning.

First of all Myra, after setting up Trevor and having him arrested, tried to flee the village once and for all with a little help from her ex future son-in-law/ former lover Jim McGinn (Dan Tetsell), but unfortunately Browning (Joseph Thompson) caught up with her at the last hurdle and shot her off the side of the docks whilst she was waiting for her escape boat.


Then if that wasn’t bad enough Browning raced back to the flat where he had locked Mercy up and told her the news that her mum was out of their lives for good, still brandishing the gun. Mercedes pretended to go along with the plan for them to flee the country together and start a fresh, till she saw an opportunity to seize the gun and tell her husband exactly what she really thought about him.

However, after a struggle the power was back in the doctor’s court as he wrestled his wife to the ground and proceeded to strangle her.

In tonight’s episode we will see Jim rushing into the club where a motionless Mercy lays and, at the doctor’s request, rushes to fetch his medical bag (phoning the police on the way).


Browning takes an adrenaline injection and brings Mercedes back to life just before the police come and take him away.

When Mercedes comes round in the hospital she has to face the rest of the family and admit that her husband has killed their mum, but a slip of the tongue from Jim has John Paul’s (James Sutton) suspicions roused and, when Jim leaves the hospital in a rush, JP follows in hot pursuit.

Instructing a waiting taxi to “follow that car” John Paul is bewildered to be taken to the airport, but not as bewildered as when he gets out and see’s Jim walking up to meet MYRA!


Demanding to know what is going on Jim explains that he fitted Myra with a bullet proof vest (of course he did) fearing that the gun he gave Mercedes could fall into Browning’s hands.

John Paul is told to keep his mum’s secret from the rest of the family; – she wants everyone to think she is dead so that Browning is sent down for murder and kept away from Mercedes.

However, back in the police investigation room Browning admits to shooting Myra as well as explaining that the reason he did it was to keep her quiet about Lindsey Nolan’s murder, so technically he was going down for murder anyway, meaning that the undercover mission to fake Myra’s death was a bit over-dramatic and unnecessary (and PS if they had put her on a plane in the first place none of this would have even happened).

But anyway, technicalities aside a happy ending is upon us (apart from the rest of the McQueen’s who think their mum is dead of course) – NO MCQUEEN’S WERE HURT IN THE WRITING OF THIS ARTICLE!

Tune in tonight at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD