Hollyoaks Spoilers: Myra McQueen is shot but is Mercedes McQueen dead?

by Anna Howell


Hollyoaks Spoilers: Two endings filmed for Myra McQueen shooting! (PICTURES)

After the emotional and dramatic exit of Myra McQueen in last night’s Hollyoaks you would have thought that tonight’s episode would hold some sort of sober quietness as the aftermath played out – but you would be wrong!

Last night fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap watched in horror as Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane) came face to face with her dastardly son-in-law Paul (Joseph Thompson) in a showdown by the docks that resulted in her being shot by the Doctor.

Having managed to escape the evil clutches of Trevor (Greg Wood), getting him arrested in the process, Myra waited at the side of the dock for her escape boat away from the village, fleeing from the bullies who were obsessed with killing her.

It should have been the last hurdle but, unfortunately for her, Browning got wind of the plan and tracked her down determined to finish the job once and for all by shooting her off the edge.


No sign of Myra could be seen in the water leaving us to come to the conclusion that Browning had indeed killed her once and for all – but this is Hollyoaks and as we all know in any soap it ain’t over till the dead body floats!

So, hoping to see a snippet at the end of Myra swimming back to shore, E4 first look viewers were completely shocked to the brim last night to see not only no sign of Myra, but Browning apparently killing Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) too.

In the episode, due to be broadcast tonight at 6.30pm on Channel 4, Fans will see Mercedes finally freeing herself from the bathroom that Browning locked her in only to be confronted by her villainous husband, still armed with the gun, declaring to her that he had killed Myra and that now they could be together forever.

Deciding to play along Mercedes reluctantly lets him believe that she will go with him, all the time waiting for the right moment to seize the gun and make her break away.

In the Loft she gets this chance only to be over powered by Browning again, but after a swift slap with her chrome stiletto the power shifts back and Mercy does not hold back telling the monster exactly what she thinks of him.

Unfortunately, as is displayed in a montage sequence of all Browning’s other victims, her speech includes about half a dozen trigger words which flips the evil doc over the edge and before you know it she is on the floor with him on top of her and his hands around her throat.

With Jim (Dan Tetsell) banging on the door outside we were waiting for him to rush in and save the day, but it never came, instead we saw a lifeless Mercy apparently dead on the floor, and the killer blow was the soft slow credit music at the end suggesting that she is indeed dead.

But is she? Let’s look at the evidence….

Hollyoaks has a habit of keeping us on our toes, especially where dead bodies are concerned, and it was only last week we were all left wondering if Cindy Cunningham had been killed at the hands of Browning, only for Dirk to find her the next day still alive.

But would they really play the same trick on us so soon? We doubt it!


However, there have been no reports of Jennifer Metcalfe who play Mercedes leaving the show, no big promo or spoilers even mentioning this incident, but then cast your mind back to Lynsey Nolan (Karen Hassan) – exactly the same thing happened when they sprung her death on us, and she most certainly was dead.

The conclusion we have come to is that we simply don’t know if Mercedes, or indeed Myra, are actually dead – we will just have to wait and see.

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