Hollyoaks Spoilers: James Atherton reveals Will Savage’s fall is not an accident!

by Anna Howell

As we reported yesterday Will Savage is to be left paralysed after a fall down the stair case outside Chez Chez in Hollyoaks, but what we didn’t know then, that we can now tell you, is it wasn’t an accident!

The details of this story began to leak out at the end of last year when it was revealed that Will (James Atherton) was to disclose the details of his one-night-stand with his brother’s girlfriend followed by an elaborate plot to get his family back on side after.

Will took advantage of Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) last year when she turned to him after thinking that her boyfriend, and Will’s brother, Dodger (Danny Mac) had been cheating on her.

Despite knowing the truth, that the girl Texas had seen Dodger with was in fact his long-lost twin sister, Will let Texas cry on his shoulder and it wasn’t long before they ended up in bed.

When Texas finally discovered the truth, and that Will knew it all along, she jetted off with best friend, Doug (PJ Brennan) to start a new life in America, overcome with guilt!

However, when she comes back next week, hell bent on telling Dodger the truth Will steps in and tells him first at his father, Dirk’s (David Kennedy) engagement party at the Brendan Brady owned nightclub.

Texas follows him out of the club to confront him over his actions where a row erupts between the two during which Will seemingly loses his balance, falls, and lands at the bottom of the staircase in a critical condition.

However James Atherton, who plays Will in the award-winning Channel 4 soap, has now revealed that his devious character actually threw himself down the stairs when Texas turned away in a bid to frame Texas for attempted murder, and gain sympathy from his family.

All the Savage clan, as well as a guilt-ridden Texas, rush to his hospital bedside where doctors break the heart-breaking news that Will may never walk again!

Atherton went on to say how this incident is the first of many as his character takes a “dark” turn, and fears he may end up as big a villain as the show’s previous serial killer, Silas Blissett!

Speaking to Inside Soap, Atherton explained: “Will makes some terrible decisions, but throwing himself down those steps is one of the worst.”

With regards to Will’s condition, he continued: “It’s touch-and-go for a while. He’s in a very severe state. When Will eventually wakes up in hospital, he allows Texas to believe that she pushed him, which is pretty dark! It allows him to manipulate her to get what he wants.

“He uses his injuries to guilt Texas into looking after him. Will’s family hate her because he’s allowed her to believe that she pushed him. But Will is like the gallant knight as he tells them to let her stay, and reels her in. He wants Texas to be completely subservient to him.”

“Will’s dark side is going to spiral completely out of control. We’ll have to see how much he can get away with. He used to be such a sweet bookish character, but that weird side was always there. We might have a new Silas on our hands!”

Watch an interview with James Atherton and Danny Mac who play Will and Dodger Savage in the clip below:

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