Hollyoaks Spoilers: James Atherton says Will wants Dodger to kill him!

by Anna Howell


With his web of lies about to unravel in Hollyoaks, Will Savage is facing a very uncertain future, and according to James Atherton, the actor who plays him, he sees his brother Dodger as his only way out.

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how over the last 12 months Will has murdered both his wife, Texas, and his mother, Anna as well as nearly killing his next fiancée, Ash, too!

But, as we reported last week, Will’s secrets are about to be exposed as his family finally works out the truth, forcing him to take them all hostage.

During the siege Will and his brother Dodger (Danny Mac) find themselves fighting on the roof of a house left to Will by their mother, with both of them falling to the ground.

James Atherton, who plays Will, is leaving the show so we know that this is his final scene, but at this point writers are keeping tight-lipped as to how his exit plays out, but according to Atherton Will wants to die, and want’s Dodger to be responsible for it!

Discussing the storyline with Digital Spy, Atherton explained:

“This is when things really start to fall apart for Will. The explosion got him out of a lot of bother, but now things start going off the rails for him again.

“Losing Ash has knocked Will for six, and the final bits of sanity he had left have now been thrown by the wayside. It’s tipped him over the edge that he decided not to kill the woman he loves and wanted to spend the rest of his life with, only for her to be taken away from him anyway. It’s completely sent him west.”

will-exit-5 will-exit-2

“Will hears Martha talking to Dodger and Dennis about her suspicions about him and the necklace. They all start piecing things together themselves about Anna’s death and what might have happened to Texas. The wheels are really starting to come off the wagon for him, so he acts in the only way he knows how…

“He thinks the game is up anyway, so he rashly lures them out to this country house that he’s inherited from Anna. He lures them all out there in various different ways.

“Will’s plan is to spill his heart out to them about everything that’s happened, and how hurt he is! He always feels like he’s the one who is overlooked and the whole world is against him. Will wears his heart on his sleeve, but he also has the horrible intention of killing them all and leaving Dodger with no-one!”

will-exit-9 will-exit-1

On the rooftop showdown between Will and Dodger, Atherton continued:

“It was great fun. We had the same stunt guys we worked with for the explosion. Danny [Mac, who plays Dodger] and I did it all ourselves. We did it in two separate parts, because we had to do the fall at the actual country house location. We were dangling about four storeys up from wires and being dropped. We were both hanging onto each other for dear life, to be honest with you! I couldn’t think of a better person to be doing it with than Danny, though, as we’ve been through so much together already.

“Later on we did the fight, which is a real epic battle which goes across three rooftops. I’m really looking forward to seeing the scenes myself.”


The situation takes a further twist when Will starts goading Dodger to push him off…..

“At that point, he really thinks the game is up and the only thing he can try to do is take Dodger down with him. If Dodger pushes him, he will be done for murder. In Will’s messed-up logic, it’s his only way to get to Dodger. He’s surrounded by police at this point, so the only way to hurt Dodger is to goad him in that way. It’s like Cain and Abel – it’s an epic battle between two brothers.”

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