Hollyoaks Spoilers: James Sutton says John Paul McQueen is in for huge storyline!

by Anna Howell


Ever since his return to Hollyoaks last Christmas, John Paul McQueen has found himself in the thick of all the drama, especially when his baby was abandoned on his doorstep on Christmas Day.

However, since then, and despite a few relationship and career hiccups along the way, John Paul (James Sutton) has settled back into village life and is currently enjoying being a teacher and single dad – and has even found time to enjoy a new romance with new drama teacher, Danny.

Of course, that sort of contentment and tranquillity could not go untouched by Hollyoaks writers for long and, as we previously reported, John Paul’s world is about to come crashing down around him when the mother of his child turns up demanding cash in exchange for the baby – but according to James Sutton, the actor who plays him, that isn’t the only big storyline in John-Paul’s future.

Of the situation with baby Matthew’s mum, and subsequent blackmail from her and the child’s paternal grandmother, Sutton explained to Digital Spy:

“Chloe was one of John Paul’s best friends over in Ireland, when he was living there with Craig. She’s a bit nuts and she’s one of those people who gets herself into tricky situations. John Paul has a lot of history with her, and he’s probably had to bail her out of some other tough situations in the past.”

john-paul-chloe-2 john-paul-chloe-1

“This time, Chloe turns up in the village and tells John Paul that she wants to be part of Matthew’s life. That’s a bit bizarre to John Paul because she dumped Matthew on his doorstep at Christmas!

“John Paul doesn’t really believe what Chloe is saying, and eventually it transpires that she just wants money from him. She’s got herself into some trouble over in Ireland and needs some cash pretty quickly. Chloe thinks that John Paul will provide for her because she’s the mother of his child, but he’s very quick to tell her that he doesn’t owe her anything.

“There are some fairly heated conversations, so in the end, Chloe warns that if John Paul can’t provide the money she’ll have to take Matthew and go back over to Ireland.”

On the subject of John Paul’s ex, Craig Dean, being the child’s biological father, Sutton continued:

“That’s a big part of her ultimatum. She’s got a DNA test proving that Craig is the father, which means John Paul doesn’t have any rights to Matthew even though he has now bonded with the child. The possibility of losing Matthew is heartbreaking for John Paul, so he does everything he can to get the £5,000 that Chloe is asking for.”


“John Paul even swallows his pride and goes to Frankie Osborne for help. That’s quite a big deal because they obviously don’t like each other very much! Frankie says that she’ll give him the money, but Matthew would have to live with her in the pub.

“John Paul’s not happy to do that at all, so he gets a bit of money together himself and goes and gives it to Chloe. Unfortunately it’s not enough, so you’ll have to wait and see how Chloe reacts to that…”

With regards to John Paul’s future, Sutton concluded that there is much more in store for his character:

“I do have a big storyline coming up, and it is the storyline that I possibly shouldn’t have teased when I first came back! When I first spoke about it, I wasn’t sure on the timeframe so I probably revealed it a bit too early. It was never intended to be straight away, as John Paul was always going to have to come back and establish himself again before the storyline kicks off.

“It’s starting to happen with what we’re filming now, and I think by this time next year, the character will be in a very different place. But that’s as much as I can say!”

Hollyoaks can be seen week night’s 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch a trailer for the summer ahead in the clip below: