Hollyoaks Spoilers: Joe Roscoe finds out about Lindsey and Freddie, but what will he do?

hollyoaks freddie lindsey 2

hollyoaks freddie lindsey 2

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time, but Joe Roscoe is about to find out that his brother slept with his fiancée in Hollyoaks.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know that, after being told that Joe (Ayden Callaghan) had run off to be with another woman – by his brother Freddie (Charlie Clapham), who incidentally thought he was actually dead – Lindsey Butterfield finally gave in to the ever-growing attraction she had for Freddie and spent an illicit night of passion with him last month.

But now Joe’s back, the truth is out and Lindsey is overcome with guilt, whilst Freddie still hopes he can have a repeat performance!

But there are two people who would not like that at all, and they are of course Joe and Freddie’s estranged wife, Sinead (Stephanie Davis).

Now, Sinead has never been Lindsey’s biggest fan, having known of her husband’s infatuation with her for some time, but now that Lindsey is to stand trial for her part in Sinead’s daughter’s death at work, it is pretty safe to say that if Sinead were to find out about her night with Freddie, all hell would break loose.

And actually, that’s precisely what’s about to happen…..

The situation arises when Joe overhears Lindsey and Freddie discussing how they feel about each other, which sets alarm bells ringing, and so he heads off to find Sinead to start plotting how to prove it!

And Sinead is not short of ideas about how to get her own back, and soon sets about putting a plan into action.

hollyoaks freddie lindsey sinead

First of all, Sinead steals a car and somehow manages to persuade Lindsey to get in, before whipping out some handcuffs which she uses to lock her safely inside before getting behind the wheel!

However, Freddie witnesses the kidnapping and jumps in the back too…

Overcome with emotion, Sinead demands that the two of them tell her the truth about their relationship, which they do, unaware that Joe is on the other end of Sinead’s phone, listening to every word!

What will he do now that he knows the truth?

But it isn’t just Lindsey who’s on Sinead’s Kill Bill list; her step mum Diane (Alex Fletcher) is also set to feel the wrath of the grieving mum as this dark storyline takes even more dramatic twists and turns. Stephanie Davis, who plays Sinead, has been explaining all to Digital Spy.

She said: “If Sinead does appear to forgive Diane, it’ll be under false pretences and not because she wants to be pally with her again. You’ll see it all pan out and it’s all coming up, but if Sinead does become friends with Diane, it’s only for one reason – and that’s just to destroy her.”

Hollyoaks can be seen on weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD – #DoTheH!