Hollyoaks Spoilers: Joel’s mum and stepfather turn up in the village and Rhys and Cyndy kiss!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks bad boy, Joel Dexter is set to get a blast from the past next week as viewers meet his mum Marie and violent stepfather Mick.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will be aware that Joel (Andrew Still) has somewhat of a troubled past ever since the Brendan Brady turned up in the village late last year. The troubled son of notorious criminal, Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas), Joel was revealed to have previously spent time in a young offenders’ institute for assaulting Mick whilst sticking up for his mother.

The story is set to unravel when Joel’s current girlfriend Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter), thinking the worst, catches him sneaking off to spend time with an older woman, who later turns out to be his mum, Marie (Emma Campbell-Jones) who has turned up to visit..

After a swift McQueen knee to the groin, the misunderstanding is soon cleared up, but when Mick (Gavin Marshall), who is still abusing Joel’s mum, turns up in the village hot on the heels of Marie, the trouble starts to spiral!

Watch the Hollyoaks drama as it unfolds on Tuesday, September 11 and Wednesday, September 12 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Meanwhile, across the village there is real trouble brewing for Rhys (Andrew Moss) as he gives in to temptation of the wickedest kind, and kisses bosses wife, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring).

Fans of the award-winning teen drama will have seen the pair growing closer, both using the other to off-load about their partners neglect of them, whilst Cindy’s man, Tony (Nick Pickard) concentrates on his business empire and Rhys’ wife, Jacqui’s (Claire Cooper) focus is on getting her family back on their feet.

The situation is set to come to ahead after Jacqui accuses Cindy of flirting with Rhys, resulting in an almighty cat fight at College Coffee.

Jacqui storms off, leaving Cindy licking her wounds, when she accidentally starts a small fire, which Rhys manages to put out.

Cindy is left feeling faint by the whole incident and Rhys carries her over to the sofa, where they begin kissing, only to be interrupted by Tony and Jacqui….

Watch the Hollyoaks drama unfold at 6.30pm on Friday, September 21 on Channel 4