Hollyoaks Spoilers: John Omole says Vincent could love George (Stephen Roberts)!


After this week’s shocking revelation that new Hollyoaks resident, Vincent Elegba, is gay, John Omole has revealed that his character’s feelings for George Smith could develop into real love.

Vincent first came on to our screens as one of the illegal immigrants accidentally discovered by Jacqui (Claire Cooper) and Phoebe McQueen (Mandip Gill) after being smuggled across the border by evil Trevor Royle (Greg Wood) as part of a human trafficking scam.

Since then he has befriended Phoebe but, after much goading from a jealous George (Stephen Roberts) Phoebe mistook the friendship for more and tried to make a move on Vincent, which he rejected.

Confronted by George over his intentions with Phoebe, Vincent was forced to admit that, whilst he didn’t like the fact one little bit, he was gay and that is what forced him to flee his native country of Nigeria for fear he would be imprisoned, or worse, for his sexuality.

Now with a truce called between his character and George, John Omole has revealed that their new friendship could well develop into something much more.

Discussing his character’s revelation to Digital Spy Omole explained:

“Now that the truth about Vincent has been revealed to the viewers, it’s really going to kick the storyline into gear. At first there was a lot of mystery because I think people were wondering, ‘Who is this Vincent character?’

“Now you’re going to see the story pick up the pace. You’ll find out more about Vincent and how he’s going to affect the people around him. Hopefully it was a nice surprise for the viewers and they’re looking forward to what’s coming next.”


With regards to leading Phoebe on, he insists his character did not mean to do that at all:

“No, I don’t think Vincent gave Phoebe any mixed signals – he literally just thought that he’d found such a good friend and he was being as close as a best friend would be. People may accuse him of leading Phoebe on because he’s been so friendly towards her, but I think that was completely innocent. He’s a nice guy and he’d never go out to lead someone on like that.”

And George?

“Vincent is very, very confused. He feels a very big attraction towards George, but he doesn’t quite know what it is. George is definitely the first person Vincent has felt this way towards since he’s come over to the UK. It’s a mixed emotion of friendship, attraction and I think it later gets on its way to love.

“With Phoebe in the mix, Vincent also feels a sense of guilt because he could be coming between two very, very close friends. He feels every which way about George – he likes him but he’s not sure if anything could ever happen between them, partly due to Phoebe and partly due to his own background.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.