Hollyoaks Spoilers: Joseph Thompson (Dr Browning) says things could end badly for Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe)!


Joseph Thompsons, the actor who plays new Hollyoaks monster, Dr Paul Browning, has revealed that his character would be devastated if he ever found out about Mercedes betrayal, and that things would end pretty badly for her if he did!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Dr Browning recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas minus fiancée Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), who he claims disappeared before their wedding. He later panics when he receives a ransom note from supposed kidnappers holding Mercedes hostage.

It wasn’t long before a knock at the Doc’s door revealed evil Clare DeVine (Gemma Bissix) to be involved in the mystery and, as we reported last month, it turns out that Mercedes is actually in on the scam to teach Dr Browning a lesson.


However, after hearing a desperate message from Browning, Mercedes gets a sudden, and somewhat unfamiliar, pang of guilt and tries to call the deal off. But she is underestimating Clare’s ability to scam, and when she refuses to back down, things end up getting nasty and she knocks the feisty McQueen unconscious.


Then to make matters even worse for Clare, Dr Browning tracks her down and, after demanding to know where Mercedes is, begins to strangle her with – you guessed it – her own scarf!

The attack is interrupted by Jim McGinn and, after escaping Browning’s murderous clutches, Clare sends a video message to the McQueen family showing a bruised and battered Mercedes, along with a demand for£200k ransom.


Now, we all know that Mercedes can almost always talk her way out of anything, and given that now she seems to be ACTUALLY being held against her will, we can only assume this time will be no exception, which is lucky as Joseph Thompson who plays Dr Browning, says his character would not take kindly to the betrayal one little bit!

Discussing what his character’s reaction to the truth MIGHT be to Inside Soap, Thompson mused:

“He’d be devastated. Browning doesn’t see the world the same as everyone else, so it’d be a dangerous situation if he felt he’d been wronged by the love of his life.

“It could end disastrously – or maybe his love for Mercedes is big enough that he’d forgive her for it.”

As for the future of Browning and Mercedes, Thompson wasn’t entirely sure if marriage was still on the cards:

“That’s the million dollar question! I think he’s capable of anything. Mercedes is everything to him, so to be duped by her would be the biggest betrayal of all.”

The actor, whose character was only recently released from prison for the murder of Lynsey Nolan, went on to admit he is enjoying seeing Dr Browning being the victim of manipulation for once, as it is normally the other way round:

“There’s no shame in being outwitted by Mercedes and Clare. I think normally you’d back Browning to hold his own, but he’s lost and vulnerable without Mercedes, which is a very strange state of affairs for him. He’s just trying to deal with this bizarre situation as best he can.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.