Hollyoaks Spoilers: Keith Rice wants Finn O’Connor to find his baby!

by Anna Howell


As we reported last week, Hollyoaks is set to see a familiar face (sort of) return in the form of Finn O’Connor, as he arrives back in the village with a big bang!

Finn, the brother of Sinead (Stephanie Davis) and the stepson of Diane (Alex Fletcher), is set to return played by new actor Keith Rice, having originally been played by Connor Wilkinson in 2010, along with his father Rob in scenes to be shown next week on the hit Channel 4 soap, in a whirlwind of drama!

The build-up to the storyline begins on Monday when Rob arrives to tell Diane and Sinead that Finn is missing, causing Diane to descend into a frenzied panic.

Desperate to take her mind off the drama, Sinead decides to tag along with Callum Kane (Laurie Duncan) and his new BFF Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham) to a gig.

However, unbeknown to her, Callum has agreed to sell drugs for Robbie, but that is the least of their worries as, on the way in a stolen van, they hit someone on the road. After a quick investigation, the three teenagers head home but Sinead is later horrified when police knock on the door telling Diane that Finn has been hurt in a hit and run!


Diane, who we reported earlier this month is about to find out she is pregnant by Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard), rushes to the hospital, leaving Sinead with her good old friend guilt again as she copes with the realisation that she was involved in her brother’s accident, and left him for dead!

When Finn wakes up from the accident, he can hardly remember anything, but things soon start to make sense to him when Robbie pays him a visit and warns him that if he tells the police about his involvement he will make sure he takes Sinead down with him….

And now Keith Rice, the actor who has been recast to play Finn, has discussed his character’s dramatic entrance to Digital Spy:

“It’s brilliant for me as an actor to come in with such a bang. There are some characters who come in and aren’t really focused on, but straight away Finn has come in and he’s got a storyline.

“First of all, Finn is run over and then he’s got Robbie threatening him at the hospital not to grass his own sister up. It’s quite a big decision straight away for Finn as to whether he tells the police what really happened, or whether he doesn’t.

“That decision then sets the ball rolling for Finn in terms of future storylines, which is great as well.

“Finn’s injuries are quite bad, but it’s not too much to set him back. A couple of weeks on, he’ll be back to his normal routine – they won’t keep him out for long!”

On the subject of Finn’s decision to come back to Hollyoaks in the first place, the actor continued:

“Finn’s father Rob has just had a baby, so he feels slightly pushed out. Other stuff has been going on too, so he just feels the need to come back to the Hollyoaks village and be back with Diane and Sinead. Finn calls Diane ‘mum’ even though she’s not his biological mother, so I think that’s what draws him back.”


Fans of Hollyoaks will know how, during his last stint in Hollyoaks, Finn was involved in an under-age sex storyline at the tender age of 12 which saw Amber Sharpe, also 12, ending up pregnant.  Finn decided that he did not want anything to do with the baby at the time, but as Rice has explained to Digital Spy, it is a subject he hopes the show brings up again:

“Well, when I spoke to the producer Bryan Kirkwood, this is one of the things that came up. When Finn has grown up and found himself, a storyline could be explored in terms of the baby coming back to his life. Obviously Diane is pregnant and Sinead is too, so it would be quite good. But that might be a bit of an O’Connor overload in terms of babies, so who knows what’ll happen?”

Hollyoaks is due to air Finn’s accident scenes on Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17 at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

Watch an interview with Stephanie Davis and Alex Fletcher in the clip below: