Hollyoaks Spoilers: Maxine taken to hospital after Nancy sees her bruises – Will she report Patrick? (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks maxine minniver sam lomax 1

hollyoaks maxine minniver sam lomax 1

Hollyoaks fans would have watched in horror this week as Patrick Blake lashed out at his partner Maxine Minniver in yet another vicious display of domestic violence.

Maxine (Nikki Sanderson), who was systematically mentally abused by Patrick over the past 10 months before his controlling manipulative ways turned to actual violence, has slowly slipped into a fraction of her usual self, too frightened and controlled by Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) to leave.

Desperate for his approval, and lack of violence, Maxine has found herself changing everything about herself, from looks to personality as the most important thing in the world has become not making him angry.

However he is still angry, and still taking it out on Maxine and, after he blamed her for Dodger (Danny Mac) telling Sienna (Anna Passey) that her daughter was still alive, Patrick lashed out at Maxine like never before, punching her in the torso leaving horrible angry bruises on her body.

In a bid to try and make up for his actions, Patrick then organised a surprise engagement party for Maxine in last night’s episode, when we were given glimpse of the marks he had left on her as she studied them in the mirror.

hollyoaks maxine minniver nancy osborne hollyoaks maxine minniver nancy osborne sandy roscoe hollyoaks maxine minniver 1 hollyoaks maxine minniver sam lomax 2

There was a saving grace, however, when Nancy (Jessica Fox) walked in and witnessed them too – And you will all be pleased to know that she marches her friend up to the hospital when the show returns tonight, – but will Maxine report Patrick?

Instantly believing Patrick to be the cause of her friend’s injuries, Nancy knows that a trip to the hospital will alert staff to what is going on, and actively invites Sam Lomax to come in and speak to Maxine when they arrive.

Sam (Lizzie Roper) tries to get Maxine to report who has hurt her, but will she?

Find out when all the drama unfolds tonight at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch an official trailer in the clip below:


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    Where is Maxine from Hollyoaks blouse from? It is this purple patterned one with contrasting black studded collar. She wore it on 24th Jan Ch4 episode.

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