Hollyoaks Spoilers: Myra McQueen’s last goodbye (BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO)

by Anna Howell


Following the dramatic exit of Myra McQueen last night, Hollyoaks have shared with fans the behind the scenes footage of her watery exit!

As we previously reported, two endings were filmed for the exit of Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane), one of her quietly accepting her impending death, and the other with her desperately pleading with her son-in-law Dr Browning (Joseph Thompson) to spare her life.

The latter was eventually used after viewers watched Myra managing to escape the evil clutches of Trevor (Greg Wood) as well as having him arrested in the process, only to meet her maker at the very last hurdle as she waited for her escape boat away from the village for good.

However, as no body was seen at the end of the episode we all share a glimmer of hope that Myra has managed to survive the shooting and swim to safety leaving everyone else thinking she has gone for good, but until we know for sure we can entertain ourselves watching how the scenes were created in the first place in the clip below:

Discussing her final storyline in a recent All About Soap interview, Nicole Barber-Lane revealed:

“There is a bit of a chase, and they end up at the docks. She sees him with a gun and thinks, ‘This is it!’

“She’s worried about what he has done with Mercedes and she just wants him to calm down. But obviously it doesn’t work.

“Browning is a psycho and as far as he’s concerned, he just has to end this torment that he believes she’s responsible for.”

myra-shooting-1 myra-shooting-2

Going on to discuss the shooting, she continued:

“We filmed the moment when he shoots Myra in two different ways – one was where Myra kept her cool. You know how you get so scared that you actually seem very calm?

“Then, in the other, she was hysterical. I’m not sure which one they are going to go for.”

We shall have to wait and see what the definitive future holds for the matriarchal McQueen, but we at Unreality TV would like to express our thanks to Nicole Barber-Lane for bringing her to life in the first place and entertaining us for years on end as well as wishing her the very best of luck for the future.

Will you miss her from the show? Leave your comments below…