Hollyoaks Spoilers: New love interest for Phoebe Jackson (Mandip Gill)!

by Anna Howell


Aww, it’s about time that Hollyoaks Phoebe Jackson found some happiness, and it looks like she might be just about to when she meets a potential new love interest.

Phoebe (Mandip Gill) arrived in Hollyoaks last year having been living on the streets with sixth former George Smith (Steven Roberts).

The pair narrowly managed to escape from a sex trafficking organisation, but when they returned it soon became clear that, despite being out of immediate danger, there was no sign of a happy ending for Phoebe.

After her mother rejected her again, Phoebe took back to a life of petty crime, where she met Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper). Jacqui took the young tearaway under her wing and brought her to live with her and husband Rhys (Andy Moss), finally having the little family she had always wanted.

However, after Rhys death during the epic Enjoy The Ride bus crash, and Jacqui’s recent exit from the village having got on the wrong side of some brutal human traffickers, Phoebe was left feeling more alone than ever.



That is all about to change, however, as in an upcoming storyline the teenager is set to grow close to one of the illegal immigrants that she and Jacqui freed during the heist that made Jacqui leave.

Phoebe spots Vincent Elegba (John Omole) hanging around the village next week and is instantly concerned as to why he is still hanging around, worried what the implications might be.


However, her suspicion soon changes to admiration when the young lad leaps into action and saves Maxine Minniver’s (Nicki Sanderson) life when she collapses after having her drink spiked.

Vincent stays with Maxine until the ambulance arrives but, realising that the police are sure to be close behind it, Phoebe helps him get out of site so he isn’t caught.

She takes him back to the McQueen’s and gives him money so he can make a getaway, but from the look in her eye, we don’t think she wants him to go too far!

Watch all the drama unfold in Hollyoaks on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.

Watch some behind the scenes footage with Mandip Gill, who plays Phoebe, and Lucy Dixon, who plays Tilly Evans, in the clip below: