Hollyoaks Spoilers: Nikki Sanderson discusses Maxine Minniver’s ordeal with Kevin Foster (Elliott Balchin)!

by Anna Howell

Things haven’t been great for Maxine Minniver in Hollyoaks recently, and tonight they are set to get even worse!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 show will know how Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) is currently being held hostage, drugged to the eyeballs by her supposed friend, Kevin Foster (Elliott Balchin).

Of course Kevin doesn’t actually mean her any harm at all, and is simply hiding her to keep up the charade that he has killed her as he was ordered to do my his evil master, Walker (Neil Newbon).

And it would seem that Maxine believes this is the case as, as viewers will see in tonight’s episode, when Maxine overhears Brendan Brady (Emmett J Scanlan) offering Kevin money to disappear along with his false sexual assault charges, she tells him she will run away with him and start a new life as he is the closest thing she has ever had as a brother.

However, as the pair go to make their escape, Walker turns up….

As we reported earlier this week this storyline is entangled in the Brendan Brady exit plot which is set to play out on our screens over the next fortnight, and Nikki Sanderson who plays Maxine has been discussing how it has been being a part of that to Digital Spy:

“I was really pleased when I read these scripts and I saw that this would happen to Maxine. She’s such a lively and happy-go-lucky character, so it was great for me as an actress – and also for Maxine – to be seen doing something completely different.

“It’s been fantastic to play something that’s polar opposite to the way I’ve been since I’ve joined Hollyoaks. Obviously it’s also much more fun not having to sit in the make-up chair for an hour – it only took about 15 minutes for these scenes!”

“They were challenging, because obviously I’ve never been in a position where I’ve been held captive and drugged by somebody before! That made it more difficult, because you can’t rely on playing the scenes as you would react in real life. But they were also a lot more fun and I’m very grateful that Hollyoaks have given me the chance to do this.

“Reading the scripts, I wanted to make this storyline as real as possible so the audience would fully believe in it. Also, with the way the storyline played out, a lot of the audience thought Maxine was dead for quite a few days last week. I thought that worked really well.”

With regards to whether Maxine is being honest about her feelings towards Kevin when he tells her what’s been going on, the former Corrie actress continued:

“At first Maxine doesn’t see this at all, because she just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Kevin is supposed to be a friend, so she’s really upset, hurt and mad that he would do something like this.

“It’s only when he sits and explains the reasons behind everything that she actually sympathises with him. She understands the position that he’s in – that he was forced into having to do this. The options were to kill Maxine or do what he’s done – keep her locked away and drugged. She understands that and even though she thinks he could have just spoken to her about it, she can see that he’s trying to protect her.”

“I think Maxine and Kevin have a brotherly-sisterly relationship. She wants so much to believe in him. Kevin comes from quite a sad past, going from foster home to foster home. Maxine wants to mother him and she can even see the results facially, because he gets beaten up so many times!

“Maxine won’t forget what he’s done, but I think she’ll be able to forgive him because his heart was in the right place.”

However, the escape doesn’t go completely according to plan when Walker turns up:

“At first, I think Maxine is just looking for a way to escape. However, Maxine has a heart-to-heart with Kevin and realises that they’re both stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“Maxine knows that if she’s seen out in the village again, she’s going to be murdered by Walker. In the end, she thinks if she’s going to run away, she’s going to do it with Kevin. She’s fully prepared to run away with him, but it doesn’t work out like that!”

Maxine makes a mad dash for it with Kevin none-the-less, but finds herself in danger again, trapped in a disused petrol station:

“Those scenes were really interesting to film. Walker has set up home there, so he keeps Maxine under lock and key and continues to drug her. So poor Maxine’s in a really bad condition because she can’t escape. Kevin is having to pretend that he’s still working for Walker, because he doesn’t want Walker to kill him. I think it really hurts Kevin to do that, and it really hurts Maxine that he won’t stand up to Walker.

“It’s also clear that Maxine is getting ill – she’s depleted of everything after being drugged so many times. It’s Kevin who actually lets Maxine go in the end, and he suffers the consequences from Walker because of it…”

Many fans have called for Maxine and Kevin to find romance, but Nikki doesn’t think they will:

“I don’t think so. They have love for each other, but it’s not relationship love – it’s more of a brotherly-sisterly connection. I don’t think they’d get together, but Maxine does want to mother Kevin and look after him. I can see it definitely blossoming into a stronger relationship friends-wise.”

Watch Brendan Brady’s Last Dance all this week and next in Hollyoaks, 6.30pm weeknights on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD, and read our exclusive interview with Emmett J Scanlan about the exit here.