Hollyoaks Spoilers: One of the village murderers to be “unveiled” and shock in store says show producer Bryan Kirkwood!


The last year in Hollyoaks has been dramatic to say the least, but according to executive producer Bryan Kirkwood, things are not about to calm down any time soon.

From murders to kidnaps, fake funerals to surprise weddings, and not forgetting the epic Enjoy The Ride wedding day bus crash, it was very easy to understand why the Channel 4 soap walked away with by far the most silver wear at this year’s British Soap Awards.

However, despite the amazing acting and fantastic writing the show does often let a crime or two go undetected, and this year alone we have seen Paul Browning (Joseph Thompson) kill Lynsey Nolan and get away with it despite being arrested, Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) finally confess to murdering Calvin Valentine and lastly Will Savage (James Atherton) kill his new wife Texas Longford on her wedding day and let his mum, Anna (Saskia Wickham) take the fall for it to protect him – but according to Kirkwood one of the above is about to be found out:

“It’s a fair point that the crime rate is soaring at the moment! Let’s just say that at least one of our criminals will soon be unmasked…”


On the subject of what else we have to look forward to from some of our favourite characters this summer and autumn, he continued:

“You can definitely expect to see a lot more of John Paul [McQueen played by James Sutton]. It’s fair to say that James has had a quieter time of it, but John Paul remains one of our most important characters. With Danny Lomax now in the show, John Paul does finally get his share of the action. His romance with Danny will lead to dark and unexpected consequences for a number of characters.

“Doug’s [Carter played by PJ Brennan] also had a quiet few months, but with a cast of this size, we’re always going to have to look away from certain characters from time to time. I love PJ’s work and I think he’s done a brilliant job over the past few years. We’ll definitely see Doug come back to the forefront of the show.”


“I think that the Roscoes have had a good start in the show. I was very nervous about introducing seven new faces to the village at the same time, but I also knew that Hollyoaks needed a massive injection of new energy following our big departures of recent months. Over the years I’ve introduced some soap families who have gone down well and some that have gone down not so well, so hopefully I’ve learned my own lessons from what works and what doesn’t.

“With the Roscoes, we’ve got seven strong actors and seven very different characters. We’re already very excited about telling Roscoe stories, and I hope the audience are embracing them. The boys and Gillian are doing well so the Roscoes should be a big part of the show for years to come.”

On the subject of Lynsey Nolan’s shock death last year, Bryan explained how well the storyline was received and that it wouldn’t be the last shock we have in store for us:

“I was really inspired by the way the audience responded to Lynsey’s shock death, and I think those moments of surprise are something that Hollyoaks is able to do more effectively than the other soaps. We do have a handful of really juicy surprises which you’ll see on screen over the next few months. As a team, we’re trying to be a bit cleverer when it comes to holding certain things back.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.