Hollyoaks Spoilers: Return for Cheryl Brady’s Hollyoaks Later love interest, Nate!

by Anna Howell

Cast your mind back to last year’s Hollyoaks Later and the only nice thing that developed over the week long special – the relationship between Cheryl Brady and horse and carriage driver, Nate.

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap, and its late night E4 spin-off series, will know how, after driving to Stockport to visit her dying Nana, Cheryl (Bronagh Waugh) ended up having to explain to a horse and carriage driver, Nate, why her sick grandmother had taken his livelihood for a joy ride.

Nate, who in many ways resembled Cheryl’s best friend with benefits, Barney (Tom Scurr), played the part of a perfect gentleman and walked the night away with lovely Cheryl, becoming a shoulder to cry on, and a mouth to fire smackers at.

However, their holiday romance was only ever destined to be a brief encounter as no sooner had the sun risen after their night of connection, Cheryl discovered her dastardly half-brother, Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Scanlan) hacking the dead body of Joel’s (Andrew Still) stepfather to bits with a saw in a dimly-lit garage.

This did nothing for her romantic mood, but Cheryl really didn’t have much time to think about either situation as by the end of the week her beloved grandmother had passed away, smothered to death by Brendan (though Cheryl doesn’t know this).

Now they are all back (minus Nana of course) and the dust has finally settled, poor Cheryl may start to realise that her fling was far too short lived, especially as reports suggest that the actor who played Nate, Tom Turner, is returning to the regular Hollyoaks show to reprise his role.

Hollyoaks have yet to confirm Turner’s return, but a recent picture showed him with the Hollyoaks cast on a night out in Liverpool earlier this week.

Last October, Bronagh Waugh who plays Cheryl in the award-winning soap hinted to Digital Spy that she would have liked for her character’s relationship with Nate to have evolved more, saying: “I think it was very sad that their relationship ended up fizzling to nothing! I don’t think it would have if Cheryl hadn’t walked in on Brendan cutting up a dead body! If that hadn’t happened, I think they’d be married by now!”

Watch Bronagh and Emmett (Brendan Brady) discussing last year’s Hollyoaks Later series ahead of its launch on T4 in the clip below:

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