Hollyoaks Spoilers: Robbie Roscoe discovers that Finn O’Connor raped John Paul McQueen!

by Anna Howell


Finally, the news that Hollyoaks fans everywhere have been waiting for – The secret that Finn O’Connor raped John Paul McQueen is going to be discovered!

Unfortunately though the person who makes the discovery is Finn’s best friend Robbie, so justice will still be left hanging in the balance!

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how, in a bid to stop him from reporting him to the police, Finn (Keith Rice) subjected his English teacher, John Paul (James Sutton) to the horrific attack, after months of tormenting him in a homophobic hate campaign.

John Paul, who has been left totally devastated by the rape, was too humiliated and frightened to report Finn for his crime, and has since lived a reclusive and angry existence, whilst still having to teach the monster that robbed him of his former life.

As we have previously reported, Finn’s threatening and aggressive behaviour to JP is set to continue over the next few weeks, with many a gripping storyline on the way, including one that we have all been praying for The discovery of the rape!

hollyoaks finn o'connor john paul mcqueen 2

However, this may not spell the happy ending we have all been hoping for as the person who makes the discovery is Robbie’s best friend, Robbie who finds himself way out of his comfort zone, as Charlie Wernham, the actor who plays him, has been explaining to Digital Spy:

“I’ve been shooting stuff this week for the aftermath and Robbie finding out about the rape. I think it’s a case of Robbie, for once, getting out of his depth.

“That’s nice to see, because Robbie thinks he’s the big man, but he’s getting well above his head at the minute. I think there is going to be a level of guilt from Robbie, because obviously he’s turned Finn into this monster without meaning to. I think he’ll definitely feel some regret over that.

“There’s been a massive power change between Finn and Robbie. Finn has gone much further than Robbie would have done, so that’s been interesting to see as well.”

hollyoaks john paul mcqueen 1

Wernham went on to explain how he has found the positive reaction to the storyline from fans:

“It’s been incredible, actually. On Hollyoaks especially, sometimes it’s quite easy for the audience to get very caught up in what’s happening on screen. But it seems in this storyline – especially with James and Keith and even myself – they’ve looked past that and gone, ‘It was actually really well done’.

“People could just be saying ‘I hate Finn’ or ‘I hate Robbie’, but they’re saying that it was well done and that’s credit to the whole team – all the writers and the actors as well.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.