Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sandy Roscoe (Gillian Taylforth) and son Robbie (Charlie Wernham) to clash!


It would seem that the much-anticipated arrival of former EastEnders actress, Gillian Taylforth, in Hollyoaks as the mother of five wayward sons, will be explosive!

As previously reported Gillian, who starred as Kathy Beale in the award-winning BBC soap EastEnders, is set to join her two sons, Robbie (Charlie Wernham) and Freddie (Charlie Clapham) later this month as Sandy Roscoe, along with her three other sons, and it would seem that drama follows her as she clashes with son Robbie straight away!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how, ever since arriving in the village, Robbie has been up to no good. In the space of a few weeks he has managed to get John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) sacked from the sixth form college after exposing him as the culprit behind an elaborate prank on head teacher, Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield). He has also spiked Maxine Minniver’s (Nicki Sanderson) drink causing her to collapse at an illegal rave he threw at Chez Chez and knocked over Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice) in a stolen van.

Things are set to get even more serious for the youngster when, in an upcoming storyline, he attempts to hold up Price Slice, accidentally shooting best friend Callum Kane (Laurie Duncan) in the process – and his mum is not best pleased!


Sandy is due to make her Hollyoaks debut on May 23rd, hoping that the move to the village will be the fresh start her family is looking for. However, her high hopes soon to despair when she learns about Robbie’s involvement in the armed robbery.

Taylforth, who took part in last year’s Celebrity Big Brother, explained to Soaplife:

“One of Robbie’s brothers tells her about it. She goes looking for the gun he used and eventually Robbie has to come clean to her. Sandy’s not happy – she’s going to put her foot down.”

The actress went on to describe her characters personality:

“She’s a lot of fun – a real fun mum. She lets her sons, the elder ones, have their girlfriends stay over and she’ll give them a bit of a wink.

“However, she’s not a soft touch and she’ll come down hard on the boys if they cause any trouble or break the law.”

But, as any good soap matriarch should have, Sandy has a fiery side to her too, and Taylforth admits her character doesn’t make many friends in the village:

“Well, so far, nobody! I did a scene the other day with Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste, and I had to slap him round the face. And I’ve just done a piece where Sandy clashes with Nancy and has a go at her, but Sandy has to back down because she’s renting from her and Darren.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD