Hollyoaks Spoilers: Saskia Wickham says Will “doesn’t see himself as a mad, and thinks Texas’ death was an accident!”


With big drama in store for her Hollyoaks character, Saskia Wickham has revealed that her on-screen son, Will Savage believes he is misunderstood!

Fans of the award-winning soap will know how Saskia’s character, Anna Savage, has been trying to wangle her way back into her family’s affection ever since tracking them down, year’s after abandoning them all as children.

However, a spanner in the works came in the form of her controlling ex-husband, Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) who laughed off her claims that he abused her during their marriage and had her committed.

But we all saw her sneak in to the wedding of her youngest son, Will (James Atherton) to Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove), during which he pushed his bride to her death from a hotel window, but Saskia insists that Will believes the act to have been an accident!

Ever since Texas’ death Will, who has a watertight alibi as everyone believes he is still wheelchair bound even though we know he has been able to walk for months, has tried to frame everyone for the murder, even his own bother.

However things are set to take a dramatic turn when, after learning that Patrick provided a fake alibi for Dodger, Anna believes that her ex is the real murderer and sets about trying to kill him, and herself, in a fire.

anna-patrick-sienna anna-patrick-sienna-2

However Patrick escapes death and manages to convince his daughter Sienna (Anna Passey) that Anna is the real culprit and forces her to tell the police that her mother has confessed to the crime.

Will has a pang of conscience seeing his mother imprisoned for his crime and confesses all to her, but rather than report his confession to the police, Anna gives a fake confession herself to protect her son.

Discussing the situation with Digital Spy, Saskia Wickham who plays Anna, explained:

“Anna thinks that Patrick is absolutely capable of anything, but her suspicions really begin when Dirk pays her a visit and explains how Patrick gave Dodger an alibi for the murder. She starts to think that maybe Patrick could have done it.

“I think there’s also a sense that Anna just blames Patrick for everything in general, because when it comes to everything that’s gone wrong in her life, he is to blame! Her first instinct is that Patrick is responsible when things go wrong, because he usually has been!

“Anna escapes from the mental institute where she’s been placed by Patrick. Her impetus at that point is that she really needs to do something. She thinks that Patrick murdered Texas, he’s out of control and she needs to do something about it. However, I don’t think she’s decided at that point that she needs to take the drastic action that she ends up taking.”


“Anna spies on Patrick for a little while before she approaches him, and she sees a glimpse of him and Maxine where he’s starting to show some of the behaviour that he did towards her when they were a couple. She’s worried that he’s doing the same thing all over again…

“Patrick starts telling the police that Anna did it, which is a big shock for her. She wonders how on earth they could even think that. Very quickly after that, Will confesses to Anna that he’s the real killer. There isn’t a scene where he tells her what happened in detail, but in my mind, he’s told her that it was an accident.

“I actually discussed this with James Atherton, who plays Will, the other day. He agreed that Will thinks it was an accident. Will doesn’t see himself as a mad, psychopathic killer or anything! He lost his temper in a really terrible way, but it wasn’t premeditated.”


“Anna makes the decision to cover for Will because she thinks that her life is over either way. She’s back in the mental institute and she won’t be getting out anytime soon, while for Will, there’s the possibility that he could have a life. Anna also feels guilty for not being around for Will when he was growing up, so it’s a chance to redeem herself.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD, watch some behind the scenes footage of Texas’ murder in the clip below: