Hollyoaks Spoilers: Shock for Diane O’Connor (Alex Fletcher) when she discovers she is having twins!

by Anna Howell


As if Hollyoaks Dian O’Connor wasn’t surprised enough to discover that she was expecting the baby she was told she would never have; now she is set for double the shock when it is revealed in an upcoming episode that she is actually pregnant with twins!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Diane (Alex Fletcher) was told she was pregnant after collapsing at the hospital after her step son, Finn, had been involved in a hit and run.

This left her step daughter, Sinead (Stephanie Davis) feeling a tad insecure as Diane had agreed to raise her unborn baby as her own but, after a heart to heart where it was agreed that the two women would bring their babies up together, Sinead was satisfied her stepmothers news would not affect their plans.

However, it would seem that the situation is set to get even more complicated when in an upcoming episode Diane is told that she is having two babies, not counting Sinead’s!


Diane has always longed for a child of her own so was thrilled to bits when she was told that one night of passion with Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) had left her pregnant, something doctors had told her was not possible.

The news resulted in Tony changing his plans to leave the village with love of his life Jacqui McQueen last week, but we wonder how he will react to the news that his new baby is in fact twins, especially as he is also just about to discover that he is suffering from testicular cancer!

Diane is “gobsmacked” when told the news, and instantly pleads with Tony to stand by her, unaware of his other predicament, whilst Sinead’s concerns for own baby’s future increase dramatically!


An insider told Digital Spy: “Tony keeps his illness a secret but once he finds out Diane is having his twins he breaks down.”
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