Hollyoaks Spoilers: Anna Passey says Sienna is right to think Peri is her daughter (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)



As we have previously reported, scheming Sienna Blake is set to return to her twisted ways in an upcoming Hollyoaks storyline, and Anna Passey, the actress who plays her, has been telling us all about it!

Ever since being released from the psychological unit she was being detained in following her reign of terror on the Osborne family, Sienna has kept her head relatively low in the village.

However, there has been one thread of her old self we have seen pulled more and more over the past few weeks, and that is her insistence that youngest Lomax daughter, Peri, is her long-lost daughter!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how the root of Sienna’s stability (or lack of it) stems from the fact that, as a thirteen year old girl, she was lead to believe that the baby girl she gave birth to had passed away.

However, now Sienna knows that isn’t the case, the child was actually adopted out by her controlling father Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) and after gathering evidence she has come to the conclusion that Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) is her ‘Sophie’ and in a new storyline twist Sienna sets out to try and get closer to her.

Anna Passey, the actress who plays Sienna, explained to us EXCLUSIVELY what we have in store:

“Sienna has been a lot calmer since she came out of the hospital and has been trying to keep her head down and blend back in.

“But now she has set her sights on little Peri!  She is convinced that Peri is her daughter and she is not going to let anything get in the way of that, but she has to be careful because of how badly everything went before in the village.

“So rather than just striding up to the kid and announcing that she is her mum, she decides to play it a bit cooler this time, and decides the best way to do this is to befriend the Lomax’s, in particular Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter), who is a bit of a tricky customer, but Sienna is fairly confident her plan will work.”

And it does, but after a while Sienna realises that she needs to exploit her new friendship with the fire-fighter further  and get herself inside the family home, as Anna explains:

“She really does force her way in, she fakes a shoulder injury and preys on Leela’s kind, caring side and soon Sienna finds herself exactly where she wants to be – Staying with the Lomax family!”

We wanted to know from Anna is she personally thought that Peri could be Sienna’s daughter, to which she replied:

“Obviously it is a massive coincidence, but I do think Sienna is kind of right for thinking the way she does.  If you look at all the facts, and the investigation that Dodger (Danny Mac) and Dennis (Joe Tracini) carried out it certainly does look like Peri really is her daughter.  And that is all Sienna really needs to set her back off on her crazy ways!”

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