Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sophie Austin says of Joe’s disappearance “Lindsey blames herself!”

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks lindsey butterfield 1

hollyoaks lindsey butterfield 1

Following the disappearance of her character’s fiancé, Joe, in Hollyoaks, Sophie Austin has revealed that Lindsey Butterfield holds herself responsible!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how Joe (Aydan Callaghan) was kidnapped by Grace Black (Tamara Wall) and held hostage in the derelict council flats as they were demolished.

Fraser Black (Jesse Birdsall) was the one to deliver the heart-breaking news to Joe’s little brother, Freddie (Charlie Clapham) that his brother was dead, but seeing as how they would all be implicated if it were to come out, convinced him to make it look like Joe had left Lindsey.

Since then Freddie has cleared out Joe’s wardrobe and sent a text to Lindsey telling her that he has gone away, but as she starts to dig around in the next week Freddie is forced to take drastic measures and send another text telling the confused junior doctor that Joe no longer loves her.

This development leaves Lindsey heartbroken, but still determined to find out the truth, as Sophie Austin, the actress who plays her, has been explaining to Digital Spy:

“Lindsey blames herself for what happened, because she’d told Joe the truth about Browning’s murder just before he disappeared. Initially that’s Lindsey’s biggest concern – she thinks that she just needs to find Joe, talk to him and everything will be fine. Then she starts getting texts through from Joe, which are actually being sent by Freddie. Lindsey can’t believe that after ten years, Joe can’t at least talk to her and return her calls.

“As time goes on, Lindsey realises that things just aren’t adding up, so she thinks that something has happened to Joe and that maybe something from his past has caught up with him. So it’s a massive mixture of feelings for Lindsey – she goes through an array of emotions over the next few weeks.”

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Things get even more confusing when Lindsey makes the discovery that Joe hasn’t touched his bank account, which causes Freddie to then clear it out, on which Austin commented:

“That’s one turning point, because Lindsey thinks it’s very strange that Joe’s bank account hasn’t been used if he really has gone away. That’s the part where things stop adding up for Lindsey. Then as time goes on, more pieces are added to the jigsaw and she can’t understand what’s going on. Lindsey feels really lost, confused and angry – every emotion at the same time!”

In a bid to get people to listen to her concerns, Lindsey even considers telling the police about Browning’s murder:

“Because at first it seems like people aren’t taking Joe’s disappearance seriously enough. They just think that he’s gone away and will come back. Because Lindsey knows that she’s confessed to her involvement in the murder, she isn’t really sure whether Joe will return after what she’s done.

“Lindsey feels that if she admits to everything, at least they would take the situation a bit more seriously, regardless of what happens to her. Lindsey is clutching at straws because she just wants somebody to help her.”

Hollyoaks can be seen weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD