Hollyoaks Spoilers: Stephanie Waring discusses Cindy’s collapse when she thinks someone knows about Browning’s murder (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks cindy cunningham collapses

hollyoaks cindy cunningham collapses

It is not easy being an expectant mum, especially when you have helped murder, and dispose of the body of your unborn baby’s father, which is precisely the situation that Cindy Cunningham is currently enduring in Hollyoaks at the moment.

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know how Cindy (Stephanie Waring) discovered she was pregnant by Dr Browning after a one night stand with him which resulted in him trying to murder her.

She got her revenge, however, when during last year’s epic bomb explosion, she caught him trying to kill his wife, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and managed to stop him by hitting him with a shovel.

The situation soon escalated with Mercedes herself delivering a fatal blow to her husband, who was on the run from prison, leaving Cindy and Lindsey (Sophie Austin) to help dispose of the body.

After storing Browning’s body in the freezer at Price Slice, before enlisting Freddie Roscoe’s help to make the death look accidental, the girls have all tried to move on with their lives since police closed the case on the death.

This hasn’t been that easy for poor Cindy though, especially seeing as she is carrying the monster’s baby, and in the weeks coming up, fans will start to see the stress of it all takes its toll on the pregnant shop worker.

Unreality TV caught up with Stephanie Waring, who plays Cindy, to find out EXCLUSIVELY what the storyline has in store:

“Cindy hasn’t been sleeping well because of all the stress of the situation.  Someone keeps messing about with the freezer in Price Slice, opening it up and taking things out.  She blames Holly [her teenage daughter played by Amanda Clapham] because she is the only other person who has access to it other than herself.

“But because Holly flatly denies it, Cindy really doesn’t know what is going on, and starts to think that someone knows what she did, because it is the same freezer the girls used to hide Browning’s body, and is messing with her head.”

hollyoaks cindy cunningha, dirk savage hollyoaks cindy cunningham dirk savage holly cunningham

“This really starts playing on her mind, and causes her a great deal of stress.  She becomes very anxious and starts to panic so much that she can’t sleep at night.

“The situation is just not doing her any good at all.  She turns to the girls, Lindsey and Mercedes and tells them her fears that someone knows what they did and is out to get her.  The girls just think it is Cindy being a bit erratic and emotionally unstable and believe that Holly knows more than she is letting on.

“So Mercedes has a little word with Holly and tells her to come and see her if she is worried about Cindy, explaining that Cindy is a bit fragile.

“But it all comes to a head on one day in particular.  Cindy is clearing out the freezer, because everything has gone off after it is left open again, and she faints in the shop.  She doesn’t think much of it, and goes upstairs and has a sleep and thinks that is the end of it.”

But is it?  Find out what happens next in the second part of our exclusive interview with Stephanie on Friday morning!

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