Hollyoaks Spoilers: Tilly to cheat on Esther, with Chloe!!!! (PICTURES)

by Anna Howell

hollyoaks chloe protest 3

Considering how much in love Tilly Evans and Esther Bloom are meant to be in Hollyoaks, they don’t half let a lot of psychotic women come between them!

Tilly (Lucy Dixon) and Esther (Jasmyn Franks) took years to finally realise their real feelings for one another, only to let an almost complete stranger almost come between them (actually quite literally) after only a few months in to their relationship.

Fans will remember that this particular person, who turned out to be after Esther for her liver as it used to belong to her dead boyfriend, went on to kill several people during this year’s Hollyoaks Later.

So you would think that Tilly and Esther would be a bit more careful about who they let close to their relationship in future, but it would seem that they haven’t learned their lesson at all.

The new blip on their path comes in the form of baby-selling surrogate mum, Chloe (Susan Loughnane), who is the biological mother of John Paul McQueen’s son Matthew.

Chloe is set to return back to the village in an upcoming storyline and soon gets under Tilly’s skin when it looks like she is trying to make a pass at Esther.

hollyoaks chloe protest 1 hollyoaks chloe protest 2

The situation reaches fever point when, after Chloe organises a protest to help illegal immigrant Vincent Elegba (John Omole) which leaves Esther more than impressed, Tilly confront her in a bid to mark her territory.

However the art student is startled when Chloe explains that it is not Esther she is interested in, it is actually Tilly!

Tilly finds herself feeling very flattered by this and rewards Chloe for her kindness by spending the night with her, an act of betrayal that she is wracked by guilt over the next morning, but will she fess up and tell Esther?

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