Hollyoaks Spoilers: Twins Sienna Blake and Dodger Savage kiss (PICTURES)!

by Anna Howell

hollyoaks dodger savage sienna blake

Just when you start to think that scheming Sienna Blake in Hollyoaks can’t get any more weird and twisted, she just has to go and prove us all drastically wrong.

Since arriving in the village of Hollyoaks Sienna (Anna Passey) has systematically gone about stealing the life and existence of show favourite, Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox), whilst successfully pulling the wool around the eyes of everyone around her.

First of all she manipulated and then exposed Nancy’s painkiller addiction, then she had Nancy wrongfully arrested for child abduction and assault, then she managed to take Nancy’s husband Darren (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) from her too, pretending that she was pregnant with his baby.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, she has now taken to sporting a fake pregnancy bump and is trying to buy a baby from Chloe, whilst holding missing Tom Cunningham prisoner having told him that he was responsible for the blast that ripped through the village earlier this year, in a desperate bid to keep her secret form being discovered.

As we have previously reported Sienna’s web of lies is about to unravel around her when, on Friday 13th December, Nancy rips her dress open and reveals the fake bump to the entire village who have gathered to celebrate Sienna and Darren’s engagement.

And it is after this scene that Sienna’s behaviour really starts to get weird!

hollyoaks dodger savage sienna blake 2 hollyoaks dodger saavge sienna blake hollyoaks dodger savage

With no friends or family on her side after her lies are exposed, Sienna turns to her one and only ally, her twin brother Dodger Savage (Danny Mac), who had previously disowned her but who takes pity on her after the fall out of the party.

Dodger helps his sister hide from the world around her in the back of his van, where he comforts his twin by putting his arm around her, which leads Sienna to read the signals so wrong she attempts to kiss him passionately!

A Hollyoaks source told Digital Spy: “Sienna has lost all sense of right and wrong and this shows just how confused she has become. She has told so many lies and deceived so many people and she completely misreads Dodger’s brotherly comforting. He is shocked and horrified.”

The Fall of Sienna Blake can be seen week nights on Hollyoaks at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD – Watch a trailer for the storyline in the clip below:



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