Hollyoaks Spoilers – Who Killed Texas Longford: Will Savage (James Atherton) confesses to murder after Anna Savage (Saskia Wickham) tries to kill Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey), by blowing up their flat!


We thought it had gone a bit quiet on the ‘who killed Texas’ front in Hollyoaks recently, but grab your ear defenders as it is about to get MUCH louder next week!

Fans of the award-winning Channel 4 soap will know the person who killed Texas Longford on her wedding day last month was none other than her (not so) wheelchair bound husband Will Savage (James Atherton).

However, he hasn’t seemed all that sorry about it, especially after first of all trying to frame his own brother Dodger (Danny Mac) for the crime, then his supposed best friend, Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) when Dodger was given a false alibi to clear his name.

And it is this false alibi that leads us to the next chain of tragic events in the saga of Who Killed Texas Longford.

The mother of the Savage/Blake children, Anna (Saskia Wickham) had been kept out of the way in a mental institute following her admission that she tried to kill both Dodger and his twin sister Sienna (Anna Passey) when they were babies.


However, she did make it out to sneak into the back of the church to watch Will and Texas get married, shortly before Will pushed his new bride out of their honeymoon suite window.

anna-patrick-maxine-1 anna-2

Anna is set to make a return to the village this week where, after seeing her ex Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) violently grabbing his new love Maxine (Nicki Sanderson) decides that he must be the real killer as he was the one who provided Dodger with the dodgy alibi.

Convinced of her theory Anna attacks Patrick in his flat and decides to blow up the place with him inside.

But, just as she is about to ignite her horrific plan her daughter Sienna appears, and tries to reason with her estranged parent, but when Anna refuses to stop her actions, Sienna vows to stay with her father, meaning that Anna will have to kill her too!

anna-patrick-sienna-2 anna-patrick-sienna

Anna is determined to go ahead and kill them all regardless, but Patrick and Sienna both manage to flee to safety, leaving Patrick more determined than ever to get rid of his ex-wife once and for all.

In order to make this happen, Patrick tells Sienna that it was Anna who killed Texas and manages to convince her to lie saying that she also heard the confession in order to get her locked away for good.

Sienna agrees and tells the police exactly what Patrick wants her to and it isn’t long before Anna is arrested.


Then, in a bizarre twist, the real culprit, Will, has a sudden flash of conscience when visiting Anna in jail and, in a flurry of guilt admits to his mum that it was in fact him who ended Texas life.

Instantly Will panics that his unhinged mother will alert the authorities to his confession, but in an unpredicted turn of events Anna ends up giving the police a false confession to protect her son.

Has Will actually got away with murder? Watch all the drama unfold in Hollyoaks on Monday, June 24, Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 6.30pm on Channel 4 / Channel 4 HD.

Watch some behind the scenes footage of Texas murder in the clip below: