Hollyoaks Spoilers: Will Savage (James Atherton) seriously injured in stairs accident… Or was it?

by Anna Howell

We reported earlier in the week how Will Savage was set to reveal his one night stand with brother Dodger’s girlfriend, Texas Longford, followed by an elaborate lie to get his family on his side in an upcoming Hollyoaks storyline, and we can’t help but think that the news today that he is going to end up seriously injured at the bottom of a flight of stairs is related somehow!

Fans of the hit Channel4 soap will know how last month, believing Dodger (Danny Mac) was cheating on her, Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) turned to Dodger’s brother Will (James Atherton) for comfort, which resulted in the two sleeping with each other.

However, unbeknown to her, the other woman Texas had seen Dodger with was in fact his long-lost twin sister, a fact which Will was well aware of, and, despite trying to make a go of it with Dodger, Texas was so overcome with guilt that she left for a new life in America.

Texas wrote a letter to Dodger explaining why she couldn’t be with him which got misplaced meaning that a heartbroken Dodger, who was planning to propose to Texas before she left, was left blissfully unaware of the one-night-stand.

However, all this is about to change when, in January, Texas returns to the village but before she has a chance to tell Dodger what happened herself, Will reveals the affair to his brother, along with an elaborate lie to keep him from getting the blame, according to Inside Soap magazine.

Will is set to eventually confess to the affair publicly during a speech at a party to celebrate his father Dirk’s (David Kennedy) engagement to Myra McQueen (Nicole Barber-Lane).

“Hollyoaks fans will be shocked to the core by Will’s behaviour,” a soap source told the publication.

“His plan is reckless, and life for Texas may never be the same.”

And what might this reckless plan be, we ask?  Well, Soaplife have reported today that after Will admits his one night stand to his stunned family at his father’s engagement party, he is found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Chez Chez club.

He is rushed to hospital where it is reported that his condition is serious and that it is touch and go for a while as to whether he will pull through.

The question remains, however, did he fall or was he pushed?  Or, knowing just how sneaky Will can be, has he thrown himself down the stairs to gain sympathy and frame someone else to get his family back on side?

Watch an interview with James Atherton and Danny Mac who play Will and Dodger Savage in the clip below:

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