Hollyoaks Spoilers: Ziggy loves Tegan, Diane discovers the truth, & is Cameron scooped?

by Anna Howell
hollyoaks tegna peri rose 2

hollyoaks tegna peri rose 2

It is hard to think beyond New Year where Hollyoaks is concerned, as we all sit and wait patiently for the second action-packed feature length episode due to hit our screens this Wednesday night – But the drama doesn’t stop there!

As fans will know, New Year’s Eve will set the scene for the Roscoe family to learn a little more about each other, and what each of them are capable of.

But theirs isn’t the only family in the village with dark secrets, as the Lomax family and the O’Connor family might be about to find out!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know that Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis) recently found out that Rose, the baby she thought was hers, had actually been accidentally swapped at birth for Dee Dee Hutchinson.

Not only does poor Tegan have to learn to deal with this in secret, but she is also about to discover that her treatment for cancer is failing too, which prompts her to enlist the help of her secret admirer, Ziggy Roscoe (Fabrizio Santino) to make a video message for Rose, should she succumb to her illness.

However, after the video has been made Tegan secretly makes another video for Dee Dee which she decides to later send to Dee Dee’s unsuspecting mum, Diane O’Connor (Alex Fletcher)during a drunken haze.

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Mortified at the consequences of her actions the following morning Tegan decides to run away with Rose, but when Ziggy finds out he insists on going with them – Totally unaware that Tegan’s sister/niece Peri (Ruby O’Donnell) has stowed away in their car.

When Tegan discovers Peri in the log cabin they are hiding out in, Ziggy decides to call her sister Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) and tell her where they are so she can come and get Peri.

With Peri’s father Cameron Campbell (Cameron Moore)in tow, Leela heads off to get her daughter, but Cameron’s luck may be about to run out as the police send Leela a police photo-fit of the man they believe killed her mum and dad – Who we already know is Cameron.

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tegan and Ziggy find some magic mushrooms in one of the cupboards and decide to make some soup which an unsuspecting Cameron later eats causing him to start rambling – Is he about to tell them all the truth?

Elsewhere and Tegan and Ziggy go for a walk together, where Ziggy confesses his undying love for the young mum, but Tegan runs off, knowing they have no future – But why?

Find out when all the drama unfolds in Hollyoaks on Wednesday, January 7 and Thursday, January 8 at 6.30pm on Channel 4/ Channel 4 HD.