Hollyoaks: Stephanie Davis discusses Sinead’s pregnancy plot!

by Anna Howell

Following the loss of three friends, and the father of her unborn baby, in the recent Hollyoaks wedding bus crash, pregnant sixth former Sinead O’Connor is now facing a daunting life with many difficult decisions to be made.

Fans of the award-winning show will know how Sinead (Stephanie Davis) discovered that she was pregnant after miraculously surviving the bus crash that saw 4 Hollyoaks regulars lose their lives in the epic Enjoy The Ride storyline earlier this month.

Devastated at the thought of her dreams ending, Sinead went into retreat mode, leaving her step-mum, Dianne (Alex Fletcher) to deliver the news to Sinead’s stone-head boyfriend, Bart McQueen (Johnny Clarke).

Of course what he doesn’t know, but the viewers do, is that last month Sinead slept with a mystery man at the Kane’s house party, and after we saw her stealing a picture of Rhys (Andy Moss), who died in the bus crash tragedy, from the McQueen’s house, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Bart isn’t the father!

Now the dust has started to settle (no pun intended), Sinead is left with the daunting realisation that she is about to be a mother, and that her dreams of University have now been snatched away from her.

However, as we reported earlier this week, there is another option that she hasn’t considered, and after being offered a place at the University that she wanted, Sinead decides that she is going to have her pregnancy terminated.

Stephanie Davis, who plays Sinead in the award-winning Channel 4 soap, has spoken to Digital Spy about what the future holds for her character, and that of her unborn child.

Discussing the current plot, Stephanie commented: “I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a really complicated situation for Sinead, but its good fun for me at the moment. It’s also going to get a lot bigger in the next few weeks.

“The pregnancy came as a huge shock to Sinead. Obviously she knew that she’d had a one-night stand, and I think she just knew straight away that the baby isn’t Bart’s. She’s been completely thrown by it and she wasn’t really ready to tell anyone, but then Diane went and told the McQueens straight away!”

And, now that the dust has settled, Stephanie explains that Sinead is more scared than ever:

“I think Sinead is feeling more scared now, because she doesn’t want anyone to find out the truth about the baby. The audience have now seen Sinead picking up the picture of Rhys from Jacqui’s room, so now you know what she’s hiding. It’s a tough time for Sinead at the moment – she’s lost her best mates, she’s pregnant and she knows that Bart is not the dad.”

With regards to the Uni offer that leads her to decide to terminate the pregnancy, Stephanie added:

“Sinead has an interview for a veterinary course at university, which is something she really wants to do. She really wants to get this because it’s everything she’s always wanted, but she’s also got a big weight on her shoulders because of the baby.

“You’ll see that Sinead is trying to block things out, but when the interviewer asks whether there’s anything that would hold her back, she’s pretty scared but says it’ll be fine.

“Secretly she’s planning to get rid of the baby at this point. Sinead thinks that if she keeps the baby there’ll be too many complications, but if she has an abortion, all of her problems would be erased.”

“I think Sinead could be a good mum, but the problem is that she’d have to live a lie. She’s in a relationship with Bart McQueen and its Jacqui McQueen’s fella Rhys who is the father, and he’s just died. It’s really awkward because the two families are intertwined. I think Sinead would be really scared if Jacqui found out, because she knows that Jacqui would kill her.

“With all of this running through her mind, Sinead turns up at the abortion clinic, but Diane finds out what she’s planning to do at the last minute and rushes off with Bart to find her. They catch her just as she’s about to go in, and they try to talk her out of having the abortion.”

“Bart tells Sinead how much he loves her and how everything will be okay. I think Sinead then starts believing it herself – it’s as if she blocks out that Rhys is the dad! But you’ll have to wait and see whether she goes in for the abortion or not.”

With regards to Sinead’s mother, Dianne’s involvement in her decision, she continued:

“I think at the moment Diane is definitely thinking of Sinead and she just wants what’s best for her daughter. Diane knows that Sinead wants to be a vet, but she promises that she’d be around to help her. At the same time, Bart is saying, ‘Why can’t you keep the baby? It’s ours and we’re happy together’. So Sinead has all of these different opinions and options running through her mind.”

Explaining what she thinks this may mean for the future of Sinead and Bart, Stephanie mused:

“I hope it’s strong enough. Sinead has been with Bart for a long time, she’s always been honest with him and she loves him to pieces. I think knowing that Bart isn’t the dad would kill her, so if she does keep the baby, I don’t think she’d be able to keep up the lie for very long.

“She’d try to pretend that Bart was the dad and keep up the lie for a little while, but the truth always comes out in the end, doesn’t it?”

Watch Sinead and the other Hollyoaks teenagers discussing the bus crash in the Doc U clip below:

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