Hollyoaks: Who killed Lynsey Nolan? New evidence comes to light on Dr Browning, Riley, Silas, Mercedes, Walker, Sampson, Ally and Will Savage

After the biggest shock in the shows history, Hollyoaks viewers have been left wondering just who killed Lynsey Nolan.

The suspects listed are Silas Blissett, Mercedes McQueen, Walker, Sampson, Ali Gorman, and Will Savage, but today Hollyoaks have released the ‘case files’ which names three further suspects as well as some more hints and clues on their official E4 website.

The first and obvious choice was Sampson.  A business associate of Brendan’s (Emmett J Scanalan) with a grudge was what the audience were lead to believe originally was the most likely motive after the altercation with Brady after Joel was kidnapped.  This was coupled with the fact that Brendan then discovered his sisters diary in the gangsters flat.  The case files list this as Sampsons summary:

‘We are aware that Mr Sampson and Brendan Brady have had a violent history and it is possible that Mr Sampson was looking for revenge on Mr Brady.

There have been reports that the only way to hurt Mr Brady, is by harming those he loves.

Mr Brady has a close relationship with Ms Lynsey Nolan. Is it therefore possible that Sampson has sought revenge on Mr Brady by murdering one of his closest friends, Ms Nolan?

There is a further suggestion that Mr Sampson may have mistaken Ms Nolan for Brady’s sister, Ms Cheryl Brady.’

With the evidence to support this being stated as:

”Sampson’, as he is referred to by locals, has been made known to Dee Valley police officials for suspected involvement in petty crimes and money-laundering. However there has been no solid evidence thus far to convict him of these claims.

He has been linked to the stabbing and, later, kidnapping of Mr Joel Dexter, and is suggested to have trashed Chez Chez – all of which as a way of exacting revenge on Mr Brendan Brady (who is Mr Dexter’s boss and somewhat unofficial guardian).

Unverified reports suggest Mr Brady is an enemy of Mr Sampson’s as a result of a ‘dodgy monetary dealing’ that went wrong.

Reports suggest that Mr Brady recently found a diary of Cheryl’s in Sampsons flat. Did Sampson murder the wrong girl?

Additional note: Sightings of Sampson suggest he does not operate alone.’

Next we have Silas (Jeff Rawle).  Silas is currently being held at a secure mental institute after being certified insane following his murder spree last year.  However, after Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) went  to the press claiming that it was her belief that Lynsey’s murder was the act of a copycat killer, Silas was investigated.  He told police that he did indeed have information on Lynsey’s death but that he would only disclose it to Texas.  Texas then went to visit him at the unit where he informed her that she had been next on his hit list had he not been caught as well as implying that he was in contact with the killer and that they were working together.  This chilling interview ended with him warning her that another girl would be killed at 2pm the following day.  His summary in the case is listed as:

‘Hollyoaks’ most notorious killer, the suspect murdered a number of young women in Hollyoaks village and intended to kill more. If he had the chance to do so it is almost inevitable that he would kill again.

Regarding Miss Nolan specifically, Mr Blissett previously attempted to kill her on a number of occasions and she was considered by many to be ‘the one that got away’. Did he finish what he started?

Now if it was Silas then he would have needed someone on the outside to have done his dirty work for him, which leads us on to our first new entry, Will Savage (James Atherton).

Will was originally listed as a suspect in the loosest sense after Lynsey walked in front of his camera whilst he was taking a picture.  However, following Silas’s implication that he had someone working for him, someone who told him all about what was going on, Will seems the most likeliest person for that job.  No one in Hollyoaks would dream of liaising with Silas after discovering what he did, but before he was exposed as the murderer, Will idolised him, which makes him the only person it could be, if what Silas is saying is true that is.  His case summary is listed as:

‘No motive has yet been suggested for Mr Will Savage.

A possible line of enquiry is whether he idolised Mr Silas Blissett and acted as Mr Blissett’s accomplice’

Another new suspect to be named is Riley Costello (Rob Norbury).  Lynseys recently ex-boyfriend had been seen accusing Lynsey of being his new girlfriend, Mitzeee’s (Rachel Shenton) stalker.  The pair were spotted a few hours before the murder in a heated row.  His case summary is listed as:

‘No motive has yet been suggested for Mr Costello, however it is believed that there was antagonism between him and the victim’

With the evidence to support this being stated as:

‘It is public knowledge that Mr Costello was romantically involved with the victim, a relationship that ended when Miss Nolan believed Mr Costello had feelings for Anne “Mitzeee” Minniver. Though the break up was apparently amicable, it is believed relations were strained between the two of them.

On the day of Mercedes Fisher’s stabbing, Miss Minniver accused the victim of being her stalker – a claim that Mr Costello himself accused Miss Nolan on the day she died. They were witnessed having a disagreement in the local convenience store, Price Slice, where Miss Nolan vehemently denied his accusations.

Although he was seen in the village soon after Miss Nolan’s body was discovered, his exact whereabouts when the murder occurred is unknown. As there was no sign off forced entry at the murder scene, it is believed that the victim knew her killer. Similarly, as Mr Costello briefly lived with Miss Nolan he would be familiar with how to get access to and from the murder scene.

Note to investigators: Mr Costello has significant links to other suspects in this investigation, being the grandson of Silas Blissett and the ex-fiancé of Mercedes Fisher. The implications of these links may require further investigation.’

However, we know that Mitzeee’s stalker wasn’t Lynsey, it was Mercedes, which Lynsey had found out, so if it had been Riley who killed her over the matter then surely she would have informed him of the truth before he had a chance to kill her, and he would have confronted Mercedes with it by now, or at the very least, not invited her to move in with him.

Which leads us on to Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe).  Mercedes had probably the strongest motive, wanting to keep Lynsey quiet over the whole stalker incident, and after telling Texas during Friday’s episode that her kidnapping at the hands of Silas has made her more determined to get whatever she wants and stop at nothing to do so, it seems pretty clear that she was the only person who really benefited from Lynseys death.  Her summary in the case file is listed as:

‘It is understood that the suspect hopes for a reconciliation with her former fiancé Riley Costello and recently stated that she believed this would soon happen following her recent stabbing. She was overhead telling the victim: “We are getting closer and closer”.

We believe the victim recently made a discovery that, if Mr Costello were to learn of it, reconciliation with Mrs Fisher would be unlikely

Therefore, it has been suggested that the suspect killed Miss Nolan to keep this information secret and her relationship with Mr Costello intact.

It is also worth noting that, though they were considered friends, Mrs Fisher felt betrayed by Miss Nolan, who had recently been involved in a relationship with Mr Costello so revenge could be a secondary motive.’

With the evidence to support it listed as:

‘There have been unsubstantiated claims that the victim believed Mrs Fisher had been stalking Anne “Mitzeee” Minniver and suspected that Mrs Fisher had stabbed herself – a crime for which Miss Minniver has since been charged.

Mrs Fisher and Miss Nolan were overheard having a confrontation in Dee Valley Hospital which ended on bad terms, Miss Nolan insisting that Mrs Fisher admit her actions to her ex fianc Riley Costello. [See Motives]. When questioned by DI Small about her final moments with the victim, Mrs Fisher failed to mention this confrontation, instead stating that she and Miss Nolan had “a laugh”.

If she could stab herself, could she go as far as murder?

Note to investigators: After her confrontation with Miss Nolan, we have been informed that Mrs Fisher was discharged from hospital by Dr Paul Browning, however we have been unable to obtain records of this. There are claims that Browning has disposed of the records .

Dr Browning then drove the suspect back to the village, where she was heard declining an invitation to join him for a coffee, claiming “You’re the least of my concerns right now”. There is little known of her movements after this. Crucially, Miss Nolan’s home is a short walking distance from where the suspect was last seen.

Finally, as there was no sign of forced entry at the murder scene it is thought the victim knew her killer.’

Dr Browning is a new named suspect after viewers witnessed him destroying Mercedes discharge time after lying to police about the time she left.  This could be for a few reasons including that he thought he was protecting Mercedes or to gain something over her in order to get her to sleep with him again.  However, seeing as he was the Dr on the scene who pronounced her death, it would seem unlikely for this lie not to come out in the wash as it proves that he was around at the time of the murder meaning that he left the hospital with Mercedes earlier than he stated.  His case summary is listed as:

‘Though no motive has yet been suggested for Dr Browning, there is a growing belief that the suspect has an obsessive interest in Mercedes Fisher which may have resulted in him murdering Miss Nolan.’

With supporting evidence listed as:

‘It is believed that Dr Browning and the victim had an extremely antagonistic relationship in both a professional and personal capacity.

Crucially, it has been suggested that they clashed over the suspect’s relationship with Mercedes Fisher, who is also a suspect in this investigation, Miss Nolan accusing Dr Browning of taking advantage of a vulnerable woman.

It has been noted that the suspect has paid excessive attention to Mrs Fisher and was seen watching her sleep as she recuperated at Dee Valley Hospital following her recent stabbing. We have also been informed that the suspect overheard a confrontation between Miss Nolan and Mrs Fisher on the day of the murder and later confronted Miss Nolan about it [See Motives]

It is understood that Dr Browning later discharged Mrs Fisher from the hospital. However when questioned by D.I Small, the suspect was unable to provide records of this and it has been rumoured that he has destroyed them. Question for investigators: Why would he do this?

Having then driven Mrs Fisher back to Hollyoaks village, Dr Browning was in the vicinity at the time of the murder though his exact whereabouts are unknown.

When Miss Nolan’s body was discovered and carried into the village, it was Dr Browning who attempted to resuscitate her and pronounced her time of death.’

Ally Gorman (Dan O’Connor) is listed as a suspect after trying to keep Lynsey from discovering about his past with our final suspect, Walker.  The pair obviously know each other and have a dark secret connecting them which neither wants to be let out.  Lynsey was on to this right before her death and had even followed Ally into a strip club, forcing him to tell his girlfriend, Amy, that he only went there to protect the girls as sort of an unofficial bouncer.  One of the dancers even comes along and backs this story up, but we later see Ally paying her for the effort.  Walker is also very keen for the secret to be kept, and showed Ally just how serious he was by snatching one of Amy’s kids whilst under Ally’s supervision.  Here are the final two case summaries:

‘As an army medic, Mr Ally Gorman has been referred to by many as a ‘good citizen’ and has not been made known to Dee Valley Police until now.

However, it has been suggested that Ms Lynsey Nolan had uncovered potentially damaging information about Mr Gorman’s relationship with Mr Simon Walker, just before her murder. She apparently questioned Mr Gorman on this, but he was evasive. What is he hiding?

Ms Nolan was also the one to discover, and publically draw attention to, his frequent visits to the local strip club.

It is possible he wanted to keep her quiet on both points?’

With Walker’s (Neil Newbon) listed as:

‘Ex-convict and business man Mr Simon Walker is another man who may have had good reason to want rid of Miss Lynsey Nolan. She had been conducting a lot of research into his private affairs and had warned his business partner Mr Brendan Brady of having any close dealings with Mr Walker.

Mr Walker, for his part, had become increasingly frustrated with Miss Nolan and warned her on several occasions to stay out of his affairs, including on the day of her death.

This is a man whom we know, from previous experience, to have a propensity for lies and deception.

Additional note: investigate further his relationship with Mr Ally Gorman. This could be informative.’

So with all this new evidence have you changed your mind about who killed Lynsey, leave your thoughts and comments below:

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