Hollyoaks: James Atheron says there will be hell to pay when the truth about Will Savage’s fall comes out!

by Anna Howell

Hollyoaks star, James Atherton has revealed he believes there will be “hell to pay” if the truth ever comes about his character’s accident!

Fans of the hit Channel 4 soap will know how James’ character, Will Savage, threw himself down a flight of metal stairs earlier this month in order to get his family to not hate him following his revelation that he had slept with his brother’s girlfriend.

Will had taken advantage of Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) when she turned to him upset, believing that his brother, Dodger (Danny Mac) was cheating on her. Despite knowing the truth, that the girl Texas had seen Dodger with was his long-lost twin sister, Will let Texas cry on his shoulder, never once looking like telling her the truth, and the pair ended up sleeping together.

When Texas eventually discovered the truth she was so ashamed of herself that she left to start a new life in America, after leaving a note for Dodger telling him about her encounter with Will.

However, when she returned and, after realising that Dodger had not in fact seen the letter, she decided to let sleeping dogs lie and accepted his proposal of marriage.

This enraged Will to the point he took hold of the mic at his father’s engagement party and read the letter out to the entire club, causing Dodger to walk away from Texas for good.

Will stormed outside of the club but when Texas followed him the pair ended up rowing where, unbeknown to Texas, Will deliberately threw himself down the stairs to gain sympathy, letting Texas believe it was her fault.


Now that his character’s plan seems to be working, James Atherton who plays Will has revealed that he does expect the truth will come out in the end, and cause all sorts of trouble!

Speaking to PA he explained: “Will basically uses the fact that she thinks she pushed him down the stairs to manipulate the situation. He wheedles his way into her life one way or another, and out of guilt Texas reciprocates to him and panders to him – and he keeps pushing his luck to see how far he can get.

“It all kind of spirals out of control. It’s been really nice to play this manipulation of her, and I think we’re just going to keep pushing it as far as we can.

“I think Texas will probably find out eventually and there’ll be absolute hell to pay.”

Watch an interview with James and Danny Mac, who plays Dodger, in the clip below:

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