Homeland: David Harewood defends assasination plot


Homeland actor David Harewood has defended a plot which saw his character David Estes plan to kill former enemy Nicholas Brody.

CIA counterterrorism director Estes called off the assassination of Brody, played by Damian Lewis, at the end of the second series of the Showtime programme but ended up coming to a grisly end himself after he died in a suicide bombing of the CIA headquarters.

Harewood told The Huffington Post: “I think [Estes] was fully justified in trying to get rid of Brody, even though all the ladies don’t think that’s the case. I think he had to go.

“I mean, this was a guy who put on a suicide vest. This was a guy who was prepared to blow up half the American administration – including me!”


Harewood also looked back at the two seasons he spend on the show claiming that his character was difficult to understand.

He said: “I struggled in the first season to figure out who he was. I would write myself a backstory, and then you’d get a script that would completely contradict that backstory.

“Just as I’d begin to like him, he’d do something which was a real pain and I’d have to go, ‘F**k, okay.'”

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