Homeland season 3 spoilers: New Saul, Carrie featurettes released ‘Carrie is tested again in an even more impressive way’

by Nick Barnes


Two brand new Homeland featurettes have been unveiled ahead of the season three premiere, which kicks off toward the latter end of next month.

The two videos focus on Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul’s (Mandy Patinkin) characters and what we should expect from the forthcoming season of the hit Showtime drama.

In Carrie’s video, we get another glimpse of her testifying and also saying that she doesn’t believe Brody knew the bomb was in his car. We also get to see scenes from as far back as season one when she began spying on Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) when he arrived back on US soil after eight years. Of course, there was the suspicion that he has been turned into a terrorist.

In the featurette, Danes says: “Carrie Mathison is a CIA operative. She’s extremely driven and focused. She is willing to sacrifice everything in order to do her job. Part of her brilliance has to do with her being bi-polar but that brilliance has to be monitored. She’s really on the edge of insanity – she knows how dangerous her behavior can be especially in intimate relationships so she has great reluctance of becoming close to anyone.

“I think one reason why she’s loved by her colleagues and audiences that why she can be reckless she is a surprisingly moral person. She just wants to serve and protect her country to we admire that in her. Just when we think she couldn’t possibly be tested further she’s tested yet again in an even more impressive way. If she’s not careful she’ll tip over.


Saul on the other hand, as we have seen throughout the past two seasons, will do anything and everything for Carrie – no matter if he thinks she is doing wrong, he will stand by her side as much as he possibly can, in which he even puts his own neck on the line at times.

In his featurette, Mandy Patinkin who plays Saul says season three viewers will be “shocked and surprised”. Saul likes to think that the world could be peaceful and believes that Carry is a sign of that possibility.

Patinkin says: “Saul Berenson is as complicated as I am. Most things about Saul he is not interest about discussing with you or anybody, that’s why he works for the CIA. Saul is the acting head of the CIA he loves his work he wants to see the world to be a peaceful world to live in and he believes Carrie is a sign of that possibility. Her instincts are like nothing he’s ever experienced in his life, he will die for her, he’ll let other people die before he’ll let her die, but she is every bit his teacher as he was hers.

“Saul’s interrogation technique is human kindness, he tries to help them as much as he can. If he had his wish he would turn every enemy into a friend – that’s who Saul is. Season three, you can expect to be shocked and surprised – no different to what Homeland has delivered since the beginning. I’m only certain of one thing that with this team of writers and company I certainly won’t be disappointed.

Homeland returns at 9/8c on September 29 on Showtime.