Hotel GB Final Night: Who won – Gordon Ramsay or Mary Portas?

by Gerard McGarry

Hotel GB: Mary Portas and Gordon RamsayTonight was the final night of Channel 4’s brilliant week-long TV event, Hotel GB. The reality-style programme followed a glittering host of C4’s finest and funniest talent running a hotel alongside a rag-tag bunch of the unemployed and the seemingly unemployable.

As I mentioned at the start of the week, there was a competitive element to Hotel GB: the teams, led by Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas were competing to see who could earn the most in revenue and tips. And with some high-rolling celebrities passing through the hotel’s doors – I’m thinking of David Gest throwing around fifty quid notes like confetti – the earning potential for the teams was better than your average 2 star airport layover hotel.

So, who won the challenge? Well, let’s just say that the viewers of Hotel GB are the winners. If you’re unemployed, you’ll have seen people in a similar, seemingly hopeless position, score a job and maybe it’ll be an inspiration to start again. We’ve certainly gained an appreciation that there are people in this country who want to work, but who haven’t had the opportunity, or anyone willing to take a chance on them. Maybe more employers will consider setting up apprenticeship schemes to train people and get them into work. Anyway, we’ll talk about the winners after a fast and furious recap of the final night at Hotel GB…

Checking out: the final night

It might be the last day at the hotel, but there’s none of that laid-back “last day at school before the holidays vibe”. Especially if you’re anywhere in Gordon Ramsay’s vicinity.

The scariest chef on planet Earth decided to become a customer at his own restaurant to see if his minions had learned anything from him. And literally nothing satisfied Chef Satan. He picked apart everything, criticising the bland peas and then returning a burger to the kitchen because – wait for it – the bap wasn’t toasted! Gasp!

Jimmy Carr returned, and we’re surprised that #JimmyCarrsLaugh didn’t trend all over Twitter, because a lot of you were talking about it. Receptionist Emily bruised his ego when she focused her conversation on rival comedian (and fellow Scouser) John Bishop. So, to cheer himself up, our Jimmy went upstairs for a hilarious health audit from Dr Christian Jessen. Seriously, if Channel 4 return to this idea next year, they really should sign Jimmy up to lead one of the teams.

Ramsay was involved in a later episode when he ‘borrowed’ former Grange Hill and Byker Grove actress, Rory, to help in the restaurant for a night. But after a few harsh words from the celebrity chef, Rory decided she’d had enough and stormed off upstairs. Followed swiftly – as you might expect – by Ramsay himself.  The fiery chef didn’t hold back when he told Rory how unprofessional she was being, but he was met by a wall of sullen bad attitude. At the same time, you had to feel sorry for her, because it’s not pleasant to have someone snapping at you constantly while you’re trying to do a job.

Mary Portas – who was technically Rory’s manager – was quick to criticise Gordon’s abrasive approach. And on this occasion, she was absolutely right.

Happy endings

At the end of the episode, Channel 4 had a wonderful twist for the employees of their hotel project. Throughout the week, they’d had secret ‘industry’ guests staying at the hotel, checking out the staff and appraising whether they’d be interested in hiring them. And guess what? Every member of staff left their week in Hotel GB with at least one job offer! An amazing positive result.

Two special employees were selected for jobs with Gordon Ramsay and Mary Portas respectively. Yes, in a final worthy of Alan Sugar, Emily and Gun were hired to work for Mary and Gordon respectively.

Finally, who won the week? The answer will surprise you. Despite Gordon Ramsay having arguably the bigger name and having a chokehold over most of the high-earning facilities, Mary Portas owned the week.

So, that’s it for Hotel GB. Did you enjoy it? And would you like to see it return next year, perhaps focusing on a different industry? Let us know in the comments!