House season six hits Sky this October *spoilers included*

by Lisa McGarry


Arriving on Sky1 earlier this year, HOUSE has cemented itself as a firm favourite with the channel’s viewers. Packed full of sarcastic witticisms from the eponymous grouchy yet genius medic, season five saw Dr Gregory House (Laurie) continue to unravel the most unusual of medical complaints (ruling out lupus each time); but a turning point came when team member Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) took his own life. As House struggled with his feelings about the suicide, his addiction to pain medication began to spiral out of control. Soon he was hallucinating about conversations with the deceased Amber (Anne Dudek) and as the series built to its finale a drug induced episode led House to hallucinate he had a passionate sexual encounter with love interest and sparring partner Dr Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). As the season concluded, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) took House to a psychiatric institution.

Moving away from Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, season six begins with a two-hour episode based in Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital where the doctor is now the patient. “The beginning of the season is primarily focussed on House trying to find some semblance of sanity” says executive producer David Shore, “and he isn’t necessarily succeeding.” Events in the premiere episode take place over a two or three month period and Emmy® winner Andre Braugher is confirmed to guest star as House’s doctor.

As the season progresses, House’s transition back to normal life is far from easy. As the diagnostician moves in with Wilson on his release from hospital and begins his efforts to reclaim his medical licence, the relationship between House and his best friend is explored. And although taking a back seat in the series, according to Shore, House and Cuddy’s relationship will continue to spark. After all, as Wilson pointed out, House’s hallucination of sex with Cuddy was the reality he wants to exist.

Elsewhere, Foreman (Omar Epps) takes control of the diagnostics department in House’s absence, leading to tensions between himself and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde), while the newly married Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Chase (Jesse Spencer) return to more prominent roles in the team.

The voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, will guest star later in the series as an African dictator who becomes a patient at the hospital.

Accompanying the brand new series of HOUSE will be an exclusive behind the scenes special filmed on location for Sky1 HD. HOUSE: ACCESS ALL AREAS (Working Title) will journey to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to see just what happens on the set of the world’s most watched TV show. With exclusive interviews with all the key cast and crew including Hugh Laurie and David Shore, plus a behind the scenes set tour from Dr Cuddy (Edelstein) HOUSE: ACCESS ALL AREAS will allow fans to get as close to the show as humanly possible in never seen before detail.

Executive produced by David Shore, Katie Jacobs and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer, HOUSE was the most watched television show in the world in 2008. With three technical advisors working on the show – led by Lisa Sanders an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine – the show’s medical credentials certainly stack up. In 2005, Laurie appeared on the cover of US Magazine TV Guide as “TV’s Sexiest Man” and, in 2008; House was voted the second sexiest television doctor ever, behind ER’s Doug Ross (George Clooney). The series also bares strong links with criminal detective Sherlock Holmes, and not just in House’s indifference to patients and addiction to drugs; his apartment number is 221B.

Brand new House, Sundays at 9pm from the 4th October on Sky1 HD.