How I Met Your Mother: Cristin Milioti talks her audition and The Mother’s “nerdy” sense of humor

by Nick Barnes


How I Met Your Mother is set to return next month for its ninth and final season. There may be one weekend stretched across a full season, but the one thing we’re all interested in is… the mother!

During the season eight finale, we finally got to meet The Mother in the form of Cristin Milioti after waiting SO long! We have seen the yellow umbrella before, but we can finally put a face to the name – well, so to speak.

Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Milioti to see how the role came about and what she knows about the role so far.

Milioti previously appeared in ‘Once’ as the character of Girl and now she will play The Mother on HIMYM. When asked what it is and her being cast as nameless characters, she said: “You know what? You are the first person to bring that to my attention and you’ve blown my mind. Maybe I don’t have a memorable face. That is really weird”.

We already know that Milioti’s audition process was TOP SECRET – she had to fly in for a late night screen test and it was that much of a secret Craig Thomas and Carter Bays wouldn’t even tell her what role she was auditioning for.


She said: “I received a phone call from my agents, and they said, “How I Met Your Mother would like to interview you for a possible character arc,” and I asked, “What’s the character?” And they said, “We don’t know.”

Milioti went on to explain that she had to have a Skype meeting with the show’s creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. A few days later people were sent down to see Once which she was appearing in and she was then jetted off to a secret location in L.A to test for the role.

She said: “I still have no idea what it was. They were so secretive, so I had my suspicions. The days I shot [my first scene], it was really on lockdown. All the extras in the train station are producers and writers of the show. It was so beautiful, because I got to meet everyone and they were incredibly welcoming”.

One schoolboy (girl) error was that Milioti had never seen the show before her audition! Ouch!


“My whole time in New York I lived in one of those lofts with a giant projection screen, so we just watched TV on the Internet, and I never had the experience of flipping through the channels. I’m catching up on them now – I watch them every day at breakfast”.

Speaking about The Mother and what she knows so far, she said: “She has a unique sense of humor that is very similar to Ted’s. She’s a young woman who suffers from dad humor… that’s how she rolls. Someone who says a joke and you’re immediately like ‘Daaaadd!’ Corny isn’t even the word – a little nerdy”.

How I Met Your Mother returns on September 23.