How Not To Live Your Life premieres on BBC Three

by Lisa McGarry


Written by and starring Dan Clark, BBC Three’s comedy, How Not To Live Your Life, returns for a new series and sees twentysomething Don, a singleton who has a habit of stumbling his way through life, being put into some extreme situations.

Every tricky situation is given a unique twist in which viewers get to see a list of choices Don is considering – such as what not to wear to a gym, how you shouldn’t react as you’re being fired, excuses for being late for work and things you wished you could say to a man talking loudly on the phone on a bus.

Having become close to winning the heart of his ideal woman, Abby, in the last series, Don suddenly finds himself bereft. Oblivious and newly single, Abby has opted for six months travelling to get over her ex-boyfriend – leaving Don with both a void in his life and a spare room to fill.

Luckily, Don has Eddie to cater to his every need, which includes helping in his search for a new lodger. Eddie used to be Don’s nan’s carer but happily transferred his duties to taking care of Don, who inherited his nan’s house.

From cooking and cleaning to cutting up his food, scrubbing his back and wiping his nose, among other things, no task is too great or small for Eddie and he’s the closest thing Don has to a friend.

To make matters worse, Eddie has taken on Mrs Treacher, Don’s elderly neighbour, who has become more eccentric than ever since her husband passed away. Eddie brings her everywhere with him – much to Don’s dismay.

Don, however, soon realises that Abby might return from her travels still single and ready for him to waltz back into her affections. So this could be his last chance to play the field, plus it will earn him some extra cash. It’s just up to Don and Eddie to decide who gets the spare room.