It’s the New Year and time for a new you – Sky1 HD shows you how to get everything you’ve ever dreamt of and more, in new eight-part series How To Get What You Want. Starting on Monday 25th January at 9pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1, the programme is presented by Dr Peter Collett, Dr Jack Lewis and Anjula Mutanda, experts in body language, neuroscience and social science.

From A list celebrities, to sports stars and politicians, How To Get What You Want will examine how these people have reached their goals, and what we can do to achieve their success. Using archive analysis of celebrities and illuminating and entertaining demonstrations involving the presenters and the general public, our experts will examine modern day thinking and behaviour. From the spoken and unspoken rules of attraction and love, the social glue of humour, the dynamics of power and wealth and the secrets of winning and selling, How To Get What You Want will show you how to unlock the secrets to a happier life.

Dr Jack Lewis commented: “Fun yet informative, the experiments and demonstrations in How To Get What You Want provide an insightful and revealing look into modern day behaviour. So whether it’s tips on how to pull the opposite sex, the chemistry of love and attraction or the medicinal powers of laughter, we show you how to make the science work for you.”

Dr Peter Collett commented: “Body language is a powerful tool, revealing our moods and intentions and even influencing others around us. How To Get What You Want will unlock these mysteries, teaching you how to read other people and how to influence them to your advantage in all types of social situations.”

Anjula Mutanda added: “You don’t need a flash car or have to look like a supermodel to be happy and successful. How To Get What You Want will reveal hidden secrets, tips and strategies that we can all use to give ourselves the upper hand and be better off in 2010.”

Our presenters are scientifically qualified experts, eminent in their chosen fields. Dr Peter Collett is one of the world’s leading experts on human body language. The author of many definitive texts, he has recently retired from lecturing at Oxford University. Dr Jack Lewis is a well respected neuroscientist specialising in human brain imaging, bringing his subject vividly and accessibly to life. Anjula Mutanda is a consultant psychology and mental health expert , accredited psychotherapist ,agony aunt, author, and lifestyle coach with hundreds of clinical hours under her belt, she puts everything into practice.