How To Nab A Prince poll: Kate Middleton will make the perfect queen!

Kate will make the perfect queen – according to a Sky Living study to celebrate the launch of the new Sky Living series, How To Nab A Prince. The YouGov poll has discovered exactly what women in Britain think about the Royal couple, Wills and Kate.

How To Nab A Prince – a three parter looking at how Kate landed her prince and how any commoner could too – starts tomorrow (Wednesday 20 April 2011) on Sky Living at 8pm.

In a study of 1040 women from across the country, when asked to choose from a given list, the results revealed that 45% of women would prefer Kate Middleton to be Queen, with the Duchess of Cornwall scoring just 11%. Zara Phillips, who is thirteenth in line, also polled 11% while Princess Beatrice who is fifth in line to the throne scored 2%. Harry’s former flame, Chelsy Davey polled 1%.

In addition, more women wanted to be a princess than a WAG – with 23% of 18 to 34 year olds saying they would like Kate Middleton’s life – compared to 22% who wanted to be Victoria Beckham and just 3% who wanted Coleen Rooney’s life.

However, following in Kate’s footsteps and bagging your own Prince Charming isn’t every girl’s dream, when asked from a given list, only 6% of women said they wanted to marry a prince. Instead over 50% of women wanted to marry a doctor (52%) and even a city banker (9%). It seems British women would rather have brains and money over a title.

Women in Britain have faith in the union of the Royal couple, believing that the pair’s love will be able to stand the test of time. Amongst the key findings, the study revealed that almost half (49%) of all women think that Kate and William will be together forever.

How To Nab A Prince is a fun, three-part series presented by the glamorous Patsy Kensit. The series is a How To guide on where to go, what to wear and what to say to bag your own Prince.

Patsy Kensit, presenter of How To Nab A Prince, commented: “I’m a huge fan of the Royal Family and I think Kate is going to make a wonderful Queen. Not only is she an exceptional beauty but she’s obviously intelligent as well.”

Talking to friends of the couple and royal experts, ‘How to Nab’ will also bring viewers the inside track on how glamorous ‘commoner’ Kate Middleton landed her very own Prince.

The three episodes will transmit on Wednesday 20 April, Wednesday 27 April and Wednesday 4 May on Sky Living HD & Sky Living on Channel 107.