Human Power Station – Bang Goes The Theory Special

by Lisa McGarry


The Bang Goes The Theory team return for a one-off special, entitled Human Power Station, in which viewers discover just how much electricity people use and abuse when an average British family are taken off the National Grid and their entire house is powered by a team of 80 cyclists for 12 hours.

In a Heath Robinson-style spectacular – and a genuine world first – viewers find out the real cost of home appliances as a team of cyclists, based in the studio next door to the house, generate enough pedal power to keep the Collins family’s electricity running, without them knowing. As the family switch on power showers, kettles, iPods and washing machines, the cyclists are faced with the challenge of keeping a typical family of four in the manner to which we have all become accustomed.

Bang Goes The Theory presenters Liz Bonnin, Dallas Campbell and Jem Stansfield, and a team of energy experts, watch in the sidelines and count the pennies, tracking how much electricity the Collins family really use and how much energy they waste, while also offering some unusual tips on energy conservation – including roasting a chicken with nothing more than the heat of two light bulbs.

Packed with fascinating facts about what it takes to keep the average modern home running like clockwork, Human Power Station offers viewers a unique insight into electricity prices and domestic energy demands and raises interesting questions about how much energy supply is taken for granted in a world where energy shortages are increasingly becoming a matter of pressing global concern.

Thursday 3 December
8.00-9.00pm BBC ONE