Hurts say they are heading in a new musical direction for third album

by Martin

Hurts Kylie Minogue duet Devotion Happiness

No no no, Hurts aren’t heading into musicals, I meant they are heading in a new direction musically. Now that’s all cleared up the Electro duo have revealed that they’re working on new material.

They have also revealed that they’re very excited about where they’re taking their music in this new direction compared to previous tracks.

Hurts spoke to GigWise recently regarding their forthcoming album and discussed that now they’ve established themselves they can afford to experiment more with their sound.

The duo released their second studio album ‘Exile’ in March 2013 and it managed to reach Number 9 on the Official Albums Chart. Prior to that their debut album ‘Happiness’ was released in August 2010 and reached Number 4.

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Speaking with GigWise Theo Hutchcraft said:

“For us, it’s always really exciting because we never really know where we’re going. I guess we make pop music, but there are lots of different forms that it can take and we never really know where it’s going to until we start making music”.

He continued: “We’ve started writing songs, but there’s a variety of paths that we can go down. We always try to make an album that covers all points of interest and I think that we’re developing.”

“Doing these two records and pushing it to the extreme in a pop sense with a song like ‘Stay’ and then turning around and doing the opposite, we now know the boundaries in which we exist.”


Theo added: “It’s definitely not going to be a long a wait this time, we want to keep working. The gap between albums last time was two and a half years, which was because we got swept up in it and had no time, but now we’re constantly making music and new things for the next record.”

While we don’t know much about Hurts third studio album we do know they’re taking it a different route than what we’re used to.

Is this a good move or would you rather they stuck with what we know them for?

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