ICYMI: E4 is bringing Supernatural back to UK screens in 2015!

by Sarah Jones


Fans of Supernatural in the UK were left bewildered when Sky Living dropped the show after its 8th season. The show, which is now into its 10th season Stateside has a cult following worldwide, so the channel’s decision to axe it really did confuse us all.

However, while UK viewers will find themselves way behind when it comes to the current US airings, it has been confirmed that E4 will be bringing back the show in 2015.

Mark Sheppard tweeted about the exciting news on Monday as he told his followers “Apparently, UK SPN Fans mean a great deal to E4! @Dramaon4 @E4Tweets #SupernaturalUK” and just yesterday, the Supernatural Facebook account promoted this fantastic news.

Sadly, there’s no official date yet on when the show will return to UK screens and as soon as we find out any more, we’ll let you know. We have to admit, it’s awesome that the fans, who campaigned very hard to bring the show back, have had their voices heard and those loyal viewers will get a chance to view the show once again. After all, the Supernatural fans are often attending events around the country which bring the show’s stars together too!


Hopefully, with this latest news fans shouldn’t have to wait too long to see season 10, which is currently half way through its episode run over in the States. When the news was announced, Supernatural fans across the UK were reacting to the show’s return. “When SPN is on E4, even if you’ve already watched, make sure to watch & tweet to keep ratings steady & keep it on the air! #SupernaturalUK” One fan responded.

The Winchester brothers will be back once again. We’d love to know your thoughts on this story, were you one of those campaigning fans? How does it feel that the fan power has worked on those broadcasters? Have your say in the comments below!

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