In tonight’s Hollyoaks and EastEnders – Riley make a serious offer to Lynsey – Tanya and Max get steamy! *SPOILERS*

With the football scrambling all our usual programming,there are soap schedule changes due all this week, with no Corrie as a result tonight, for a full report of how this will affect your weeks viewing, click here.

Here is you sneaky peak at the night ahead of you in soap land….


Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) game with Riley (Rob Norbury) continues tonight, forcing the footballer to make a serious offer to Lynsey (Karen Hassan) to prove it is her that he wants, will she accept?

It seems as though Cheryl (Bronaugh Waugh) isn’t the only one suspicious of Walker’s (Neil Newbon) return to the village, as Joel (Andrew Still) returns to the club very confused at the presence of the man who nearly cost him his life.

All the Savages have gone, leaving one, very little one, feeling very lonely!

Lacey (Georgia Bourke) thinks she has found a new best friend in Phoebe (Mandip Gill), but can she trust her really?


After Tanya (Jo Joyner) causes mayhem looking after the car lot, a heated argument leads to a passionate encounter and her unexpectedly asking a life changing question, what will Max (Jake Wood) say?

Alfie (Shane Ritchie) covers up the loan from Roxy (Rita Simons) whilst Kat (Jessie Wallace) confronts Jean (Gillian Wright) again over the money, but when Jean refuses to change her story, Kat takes drastic action.

Poor Jean finally thinks she is going to get justice for what Michael (Steve John Shepherd) has done, but is left even more upset when it turns out she is in more trouble with the police than he is!

The situation comes to a dramatic head between old sparring rivals, Kat and Janine(Charlie Brooke), but whilst all the mud is being slung, Janine ends up landing Alfie right in it with his wife!

Do you remember Jodie’s friend Poppy(Rachel Bright)?  Well, for some reason she is back tonight, to help with Janine’s wedding (we are as confused as you), whilst Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) gets a letter offering her a whole new world, how will Jay (Jamie Borthwick) react (if you can’t wait to find out, click here)

When Lucy (Hetti Bywater) gets wind of the fact that Derek’s (Jamie Foreman) parole officer is on the Square visiting tonight, she plays a dangerous game to get him back int he dangerous game they have started playing with each other!