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Injustice is a gripping five-part psychological thriller for ITV1 from acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz (Collision, Foyle’s War). This event drama tackles the universal question which is at the heart of every country’s legal system. How does a defence barrister live with himself if he discovers the client he is defending is guilty?

JAMES PUREFOY (Ironclad, Rome) is William Travers, a criminal barrister who is recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system. The 5 x 60 min drama was filmed in Suffolk and London and is produced by Anthony’s own production company, Injustice Films Limited.

Purefoy stars alongside DERVLA KIRWAN (The Silence, 55 Degrees North), NATHANIEL PARKER (Stardust, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries), CHARLIE CREED – MILES (Harry Brown, Five Days) and OBI ABILI (Foyle’s War, The Take).

On the surface William Travers (Purefoy) is a picture of success. Famous for defending the underdog. Underneath he is recovering from a nervous breakdown and the complete uprooting of his family and his work.

Reluctantly, he is drawn into a case that involves his old friend Martin Newall (Parker) who faces conspiracy and murder charges while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective DS Mark Wenborn ( Creed – Miles).

Injustice is a complex, nail-biting drama that takes the audience on a journey full of surprises until it reaches its devastating conclusion.

ITV Director of Drama Commissioning, Laura Mackie said: “Anthony is such a talented screenwriter and the quality of his scripts has attracted top flight acting talent. We’re totally committed to original, authored drama and this commission is a brilliant addition to our slate for 2011”

“I’m delighted to be working with ITV again after the success of Collision. Laura Mackie asked me to come up with a psychological thriller that would keep audiences guessing to the end and I hope that with Injustice I’ve done just that,” said executive producer and writer Anthony Horowitz.

Injustice is directed by Colm McCarthy (Single Handed, The Tudors, Spooks) and produced by Jill Green and Eve Gutierrez.


At the heart of Injustice are two characters from two very different worlds – a local Ipswich police detective, Mark Wenborn and a Cambridge-educated barrister, William Travers whose destinies become intertwined. Both of them will be tested to the limit. Their actions will constantly surprise us. At every step, we will find ourselves questioning the moral line.

William Travers (James Purefoy) was once a well-known defence barrister, working on high profile murder cases in London. He was admired for his passionate support of the underdog – and because he had total belief in the people he defended. He had a loving wife and daughter. He was successful, approachable, intelligent – a man used to winning.

Then something happened. He suffered a complete nervous breakdown, left London and moved to Suffolk. He made an oath never to pursue another murder case, contenting himself with less sensational cases…though still championing the people who needed his help.

His wife, Jane (Dervla Kirwan), has given up her successful career in publishing to be with him. She is very unsure about life in rural Suffolk it didn’t suit her even as a child. She is working part time as a teacher at a Young Offender’s Institute but wonders if she is doing it to help the inmates or to help herself.

Their student daughter, Kate, has found herself uprooted too. She is deeply worried about the mental health of her dad. She spends as much time in London as she can.

It is in Suffolk that our story starts. At Ipswich Station, Travers happens to see a figure on the opposite platform, someone from his past and in that moment his life is shattered once again. He is about to be tested as never before – and we are going to discover that nothing about him is quite what it seems.

A murder follows and suddenly a new character is involved…Detective Sergeant Mark Wenborn (Charlie Creed – Miles), a violent and vengeful police detective who has already come to blows with Travers in the courtroom and now seems determined to have his revenge by dragging Travers into his current investigation. INJUSTICE is about how this murder is connected to our barrister and the first major twist of this story is revealed at the end of Episode One.

Wenborn hates lawyers. He has no belief in the law. As far as he is concerned, people like Travers – smooth-talkers who are so smart when it comes to detail and technicalities just make it harder for him to do his job – which is to see criminals locked up. He believes the whole legal profession “is just a bit of a game”, divorced from his day-to-day reality which encompasses burglaries, gun dealing and murder.

Wenborn never takes notes and rarely keeps adequate records. At a time when there is an increasing need for dot-perfect paperwork, this really pushes the patience of his immediate superior, Assistant Chief Constable Packard (David Schofield). He also has an illogical hatred of his new assistant, Detective Constable Nick Taylor (Obi Abili) who has just been fast-tracked.

Injustice is a duel between these two complex men, Travers and Wenborn.

Travers finds himself reluctantly drawn into a new murder case. An old friend of his, Martin Newall (Nathaniel Parker) has been accused of strangling his secretary in a London hotel. Martin swears that he has been framed and that he is part of a wider conspiracy involving Qestrel, an international oil-trading corporation. Travers is the only man who believes him.

But at the same time, he is being investigated by Wenborn. He soon sees that Wenborn is a maverick with a questionable moral code. He has barely any social manners and no charm. Above all, he won’t give up. Wenborn has made up his mind about Travers and he’ll distort all the evidence to prove that he’s right.

What unfolds in this drama is a tense and gripping game of cat and mouse. We have two men from completely different backgrounds. But their professional lives intertwine in a complicated and disturbing way.

This is a thriller where you can never take anything for granted. Because in law and in life, nothing is ever black and white.

And when there is Injustice, all the rules change.

Monday, 6 June 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ITV1

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